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The Villains Of Gaming Analysis Part 2

There was a specific bad guy i was thinking of, which never needed full on voice acting and could only communicate through text bubbles and miming (due to the limitations of the technology the game in question was contained on) he … Continue reading

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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance A Few Thoughts

Well as I’m nearly finished with the story I think I have a good grasp of the techniques, the nuances involved with the combat to give you an opinion of the game. Starting off this is quite a nice looking … Continue reading

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The Villains Of Gaming Analysis Part 1

The idea for this came from a film I’m actually watching right now, where the over arching villain speaks with an english accent, and I got to wondering are all the best or most evil villains personified by their accent? Maybe we’ll … Continue reading

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Playstation 4 unveiling…or was it?

I’ll admit i had nearly no interest in the unveiling of the PS4 and when it came about I feel somewhat vindicated because did sony really show anything off? Rather than just hyperbole and marketing speak for how awesome their new console would be? … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasure Gaming: Final Fantasy XIII (13)

…Oh yes i went there So, Final Fantasy XIII, it was meant to be the glorious next gen re birth of the franchise which has been sleep walking from terrible pillar to shitty post since FF VIII which on almost every … Continue reading

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Final Thoughts On Crysis 3 (Single Player)

Well i have just completed the SP on crysis 3 last night and as a whole the campaign was a lot of fun to play, the bow especially was a welcome addition, as you get used to it you find that you … Continue reading

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Gamer Fury!

We’ve all been there where you get to a certain point in a game which you simply can not do, no matter how many times you try you just can’t seem to beat it and it gets extremely aggravating. All the … Continue reading

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Movie Night!….In The Morning

So last night me and dad were going through netflix looking for anything to watch, when we or me specifically he stumbled onto this film featuring leo di caprio called shutter island. He chose it and I thought hey I’d watch 10 minutes then … Continue reading

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Xbox360 Achievements Part 3 That I Will Most Likely Never Get

I figured I’d do a different take on my previous achievement posts that rather than achievements from the past i was proud of and the ones that i had fun obtaining i thought I’d write about the ones i would never ever complete/obtain because either: … Continue reading

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Crysis 3: Contender for most beautiful game ever made

I’m back! So, crysis 3 has been taking up a bit of my time since its release (all of 3 days but still!) and it continues the trend of the series where each game pushes their respective hardware to breaking point and … Continue reading

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