Crysis 3: Contender for most beautiful game ever made

I’m back!

So, crysis 3 has been taking up a bit of my time since its release (all of 3 days but still!) and it continues the trend of the series where each game pushes their respective hardware to breaking point and often melting point! Now i have been playing the series on the console where it still looks absolutely brilliant but I’d expect it running on the pc at maximum running smoothly would be positively orgasmic, you just wouldn’t be able to play the game properly because you’d keep staring at the environments mouth agape. Don’t get me wrong i love the visuals on console but you have to admit it is running on quite old hardware now, it’s a testament to crytek that they managed to squeeze something like this on the 360/PS3.

(PC Screenshot)

I must add that this isn’t a review (I’ll be doing one when i manage to play a majority of the game) more of a musing/first impression.

The gunplay so far is your standard crysis far which is a good thing in my book as i always enjoyed the combat and i was pleased to see it hasn’t deviated too much from what has worked in previous games. The gun customisations are still there too which let you attach a range of scopes, ammunition, silencers etc to tailor the gun to your situation or perhaps to make a gun that your comfortable with in any situation (admittedly this can get you into a habit of only using one or two guns in the entire game despite the other guns on offer).

The big new feature with the game was of course the predator bow which was prominently featured in the advertising leading up to the games release, and im happy to say it is really fun to use especially in multiplayer as you can choose from multiple tipped arrows such as explosive or electrical etc and also the tension of the bow which dictate how much damage the bow does e.g. tight tension means longer drawing time but increased damage and light tension means quicker drawing time but less damage etc.

The bow really comes into its own on the hunter mode in the multiplayer which is so much fun, stalking enemies like a jungle predator and nailing a perfect shot with the bow is brilliant.

Thankfully the multiplayer is much improved over crysis 2, that’s not to say crysis 2’s multi was bad far from it because i had a blast with it, but at times it got really difficult to find games and persistent lag problems which largely seem rectified with crysis 3 :D. It is a ton of fun and the inclusion of alien heavy weapons and on some maps a vtol aircraft that circles around the map and features heavy machine guns that you can use if you can manage to jump onto the aircraft as the vtol only flys around the map, it needs a human player to utilise the guns, however you are quite exposed so it is a risk using the guns. All in the name of keeping the game as balanced as possible 🙂

So I’m loving this game and it is well worth your time to have a look and play it too.

Thank you for reading!


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