Journey – Hand In Hand

<——–  (The Beginning)                                                                                                  ———–>

How hard could this be I wondered to myself, staring at the massive pillars of stone each separated by gaps that were surely too far to cross by ones self. Stunningly beautiful to look at of course but just how the hell am I meant to get across? Taking a deep breath I looked across the open dunes for anything that might relieve my anxiety and provide a clue to this conundrum.

IMG_6655Strange ribbons were flapping uselessly in the wind as if calling out for help, were they trapped? Where they calling out to me? How was the even possible… Just as the confusion was threatening to over take my thoughts something else came into my view, more like someone, they looked like me and had a similar scarf to me, should I approach them? Perhaps they had a better idea of what to do. I must have been staring because the stranger started to call me over, for what purpose I had no idea but it surely had to be better than standing there doing nothing.

As it turns out those “Captive” ribbons were the key to unlocking the bridges across the gaps. As it turns out I felt this compulsion to stick with my newly found companion, a journey together is much less arduous than one taken alone. As it turns out there was another tablet at the top most pillar which happened to open a way through a giant sandfall, It was an utterly beautiful sight to behold, until my new friend snapped me out of my trance by beckoning me to continue through to pass through the new passage that had opened.

IMG_6656-2It was with a certain bit of trepidation that we journeyed forth, I found myself sticking close to my new friend in case I lost them in the vast desert. All the dangers in the world and the one I dreaded the most was losing my new companion, we relied on each other to move forward and if I ever lost that all I would be capable of doing would be running in circles crying my eyes out. As we made our way out of the tunnel we came onto yet more desert, but there was a reward waiting for us. Our destination was palpably clear and more importantly closer than previously, and a view like that you just have to take a few minutes to drink it all in because it’s utterly spectacular…


Lets Go Friend

Part 3 coming soon

Thank you for reading



*All screenshots taken during the journey with my PS4 Share function*

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