The Villains Of Gaming Analysis Part 1

The idea for this came from a film I’m actually watching right now, where the over arching villain speaks with an english accent, and I got to wondering are all the best or most evil villains personified by their accent? Maybe we’ll find out here!

  • Wesker (Resident Evil 5)

This guy came into prominence for me during resi 5 as i had never played the previous shittier resident evil games on the playstation 1, i mean i had a go with them but the stodgy controls and camera ruined it for me but anyway. Wesker to me always seemed to convey the cold twisted logic of an insane megalomaniac bent on world domination purely by the controlled tones of his voice and the ever so slight present of an attempted english accent. Although i expect the actor who voices him isn’t english because the accent sounds incredibly fake, but the actor pulls it off just enough that you can tell he’s the bad guy purely off the way he sounds perhaps years of casting british actors as villains in hollywood movies are partially to blame?

  • The Locust Queen (Gears Of War Series)

Another one with a well spoken slightly posh tone to her english accent, admittedly it sounds very authoritative and fits quite well to her mystery as no one really knows who or what she is… So i might be talking out of my arse if i complain about her, so all I’ll say is that this one actually works well and would possibly spoil the character if she didn’t have the accent to her, fun fact she also voiced Dr Chakwas in the mass effect series too!

  • The Women Of “Catherine” (I think)

This one deserves comment as I’m not sure the game paints females in the best light, well and men too because the main character is an absolute pussy. Now i don’t mean the women in the game are the outright enemy, far from it, but the curse put on Vincent (the main character) is called the women’s wrath and he often gets chased by demonic forms of women or their gigantic butt/vagina monsters so in that sense they are the enemy as you have to run away from them or fail the game completely. I don’t think I’ve ever played or bore witness to a game that portrays women quite so much as the villains! Although at the same time you could argue also that they are the stronger gender in this game as the men are utterly pathetic, so perhaps that’s what they were shooting for also? Either way It’s interesting to think about….. That or I’m simply thinking about it far too much…

  • Vergil (DmC Devil May Cry)

This one is an odd one because during devil may cry 3, the first game where Vergil was given a voice actor he had a distinctly american accent to it, that of a teenager to be precise to mirror dantes sound because the game is set in their teens as they grow up finding their power. So it’s odd when this game comes around it gives him a well spoken slightly posh english accent (dante keeps his american accent, although different actor) perhaps the change was necessary to convey that Vergil was a leader of a secret underground organisation and in someway his new voice sounded more plausible to that role? Granted the voice change isn’t wholly surprising as the game is a reboot so changes were going to be made wholesale but it’s interesting to think how they came up with those changes.

  • The Reapers (The Mass Effect Series)

These are one of my favourite bad guys as they would always come across as all-knowing and completely self-assured booming electronic voice that gives off a hint of their power and hyper advanced intelligence, and that for me is the source of the fear that they can give the player that nagging doubt, that “can we really do this” that can creep into your mind. There can’t be much more frightening than someone or something with cast iron certainty and conviction to carry out what they think is right and logical, as there is no way you can turn them or talk it out with them, it’s die or be turned into mindless husks to them. It’s so simple yet masterfully executed by the writers of bioware so well done to them!

  • The Orcs and the Forces Of Chaos Specifically The Chaos Marines (Warhammer 40k Space Marine)

This is another unique one for me as the orcs to begin with have the horde mentality where they try to swamp you with utterly superior numbers all the while screaming and shouting in brutish style english, seemingly without much intelligence and an overpowering lust for war and bloodshed, their sound is of gruff style english accents which convey their wild almost feral like features and attitudes where as the space marines speak with clarity and authority to emphasise the differences between the two warring factions.

As for the forces of chaos they are an altogether different kettle of fish because they are effectively space marines aswell, with that same booming authority in there voice slightly tempered by their helmet mics. however these chaps have been twisted and corrupted by the powers of chaos which make them altogether far more dangerous when (in my opinion) compared with the orcs because the chaos marines are effectively your equal, you hold no advantage over them and coming from a universe where human superiority over xenos life forms is key it adds that much more trepidation and caution when you have to go up against them as you have to respect them.

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3 Responses to The Villains Of Gaming Analysis Part 1

  1. myrastyla says:

    I like this! Not the Generic Villains everyone would expect but something a little different, its awesome. Also best villain accents (as everyone knows) is English (Professor Snape) Alan Rickman and German (Hans Gruber) also… Alan Rickman….. Wait what?

  2. djrutland says:

    Glad you liked it 😀 lol he’s the usual suspect for the bad guys of the world! In the film though helene bonham carters character was the far more threatening for me (can’t remember her name though so it cant have been that memorable lol

  3. Ah yes, “Reapers”.

    I agree with you on that. The Reaper voices are probably the most ominous sounds ever to come out of an antagonist. Combined with the Sovereign theme, their voices give me chills…

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