Movie/TV Time: Halo: Nightfall Part 3 “Gods Of The Damned”

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“We didn’t know it yet, but he was right, we were gods, gods of the damned”

I’ll just let that quote sink in, it’s just awful.

They do seem to be damned alright, with the writing on the wall they’ll turn on each other, and it will be just as boring as anything else they have done. Although the depth of their whining and borderline psychotic turns as soon as something goes wrong is remarkable and disturbing at the same time. They play the super tough action men then when it get tough the crumble like a cookie under a ton of concrete, give the screen time to the girls there legitimately tougher and more able than these oxygen thieves.

Down goes another one, this time this crazy guy who literally wants to kill everyone but 2 other people to save his own ass lets his teammate who hasn’t said much up to this point fall off a cliff edge, please let the crazy fucker die next, pleeeasseeeeeee.

Now we have a Mexican/Halo Standoff?! ONI guys turning on locke and the sedrans, Crazy guy ranting about powering up his weapon to kill them risking luring the hunter worms in killing them all, there was me thinking he only cared about his own life? But now he doesn’t care if he dies? Someone save me from the stupid, please?

My wish has been granted, crazy guy and dickhead have made off with air filters and the pilot of the only known workable ship on the ring, so what now for the only vaguely likeable characters in the film? They stand up and look around for 5 seconds and they find what looks like the intact remains of the ship that was carrying the nuke that they were planning to detonate. If the film ends up with them escaping and the crazy guys getting eaten alive before blowing the ring to smithereens? Then maybe, just maybe the film could turn itself around.

Upon closer inspection the ship is not quite so intact as I first thought…

Theres a funny thing, the interaction between the colonel, Locke and the girl (I don’t remember her name as she barely says anything) is a vast improvement on anything the film has done up to this point. The choice of who stays behind to detonate the nuke (another cliché) is made all the more heartbreaking as we are reminded of the colonels dead daughter, killed by the biological weapon.

As it turns out the colonel stays behind, in what is a touching goodbye. That’s the benefits of establishing your characters, granted we don’t know much about it him but compared with the others its like we’ve known him since childhood. He clearly doesn’t want to be around anymore without his daughter and while you can understand the emotions it’s still a tough scene to watch.


We see our sane heroes escape back to the workable ship while at the same time we see the crazies who took off earlier turn on each other, one gets promptly eaten (I think we’re meant to feel some sort of sympathy with him but no dice, the guy deserved it) while the other takes off after the pilot.

and there we have it, our two remaining heroes escape and the dangerous biological weapons on the ring get destroyed along with everything else.

It ends a rather disappointing foray into the Halo universe, the majority of the characters were unlikable and unrelateable. You can tell where they get some of their influences from such as “Pitch Black” but fail to hit those lofty heights. Its boring and is an entirely irrelevant piece to the halo canon.

Only buy if you are a fan of the franchise to begin with, even then it’ll be a 50/50 chance if you like it, and if you happen to be ambivalent to the series then stay well away because you will hate it.


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