Playstation 4 unveiling…or was it?

I’ll admit i had nearly no interest in the unveiling of the PS4 and when it came about I feel somewhat vindicated because did sony really show anything off? Rather than just hyperbole and marketing speak for how awesome their new console would be?

They didn’t really, well in my opinion they didn’t they just held a PR event that said yes we are in fact making the PS4 and this is how awesome it’s going to be, I’d have honestly had more respect for it if it actually showed off the machine.

I mean sure sony are really no different from microsoft when they try to be clever when they unveil their new box of tricks but overall it just gets tiresome with all their smoke and mirrors and massively obvious fake PR promises and hype machines. Perhaps im just being an overly cynical bastard, made jaded by years of, oh consoles aren’t just for gamers there for everyone and that it can fit into every life style bullshit :(. Again though can you really blame the console manufacturers for that? They’ll always want to maximise their potential profit and if it means branching out to a larger audience and potentially alienating their fanbase that got them their in the first place they;ll drop them as soon as look at them.

What im trying to get at, in a round about rambling way is that, try to temper your excitement for the upcoming and still way off playstation 4 until we all get concrete information about the games coming out with it and/or perhaps more information on the machine itself before we all go nuts with excitement.

Right, enough of my rants i promise the next post i do will be a lot more positive and happy! I think I’ve just got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.

I’m going to give binary domain a play through, as apparently that’s meant to be pretty good despite selling like shit, as you know im always willing to try new things despite the differing of opinions, so you guys will be the first to know how it is 😀

Thanks for bearing with me lol



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