About Me


My Name is David i am 26 years old. I am english, living in the southwest i am an avid gamer of 20 years, love to read and am currently studying games design. Current gaming project that im thinking about doing is documenting my playthrough of xcom enemy unknown on impossible difficulty….Save me!

Also the slightly more serious portion that from time to time i write about my struggles with sleep problems and anxiety and nerves as i suffer from those, from time to time and hope that in someways sharing it while it helps me helps you too.

I also talk/rant/review about the odd film aswell that catches my attention that are a bit different to the usual stuff, which i hope you enjoy.

The Resident Evil Marathon was a ton of fun to do, i am missing one film however which is the latest one that came out in 2012 so look for that *gulp*

Ive also started a Lost Odyssey Journal/Diary that im writing from beginning to end for the whole game, i thought that would be fun and that people might enjoy it 🙂

Then of course expect the usual game reviews and opinion pieces 🙂


4 Responses to About Me

  1. Miss Lou says:

    How was your Christmas? Did you get to spend time with family and friends? Anxiety free? Good food? We had a great day even though I didn’t get the childrens bikes until Christmas eve AND when putting them together @ 3am discovered there was 2 LEFT peddles for one of them *rolling eyes*

    • djrutland says:

      It was alright, I had to spend most of it in bed through illness, but I coped 🙂 anxiety wise it was hit and miss either waking up and feeling the tight chest, or feeling overwhelmed in public etc.

      Thankfully they didn’t happen too much.

      2 left peddles? How does that even happen? Other than that did you have a good Christmas?

      Up to much New Years?

      Dave xx

      • Miss Lou says:

        AWESOME Christmas… even with the bike and 2 left peddles. I had Christmas Day off work – Did the usual Weekend dispatches and then I EVEN cooked on Christmas Day.

        People ate my food and didn’t get sick!!’


        Sorry to hear you were unwell, sucks barnacles!!

        I had a few brief skirts with anxiety attacks, but nothing I was not able to resolve!

        Quiet New Years, how about you?


      • djrutland says:

        Quiet New Years I expect, I hope the anxiety wasn’t too bad?

        As for the cooking, well as you said at least no one got sick lol although I hope you were allowed to crash afterwards


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