Movie Night!….In The Morning

So last night me and dad were going through netflix looking for anything to watch, when we or me specifically he stumbled onto this film featuring leo di caprio called shutter island. He chose it and I thought hey I’d watch 10 minutes then go up stairs on the xbox or something like that, then of course 20 minutes into it i was hooked and watched it in its entirety so already that’s a good sign!

The film is a thriller/psychological/Mystery mix, or at least that’s what i got from it, where the overall feeling is that the film is exploring hidden psychological traumas and how we treat them and how real delusions and hallucinations seem to the mentally disturbed. The basic story at the beginning is of two US Marshalls travelling to an island which houses a mental institute/prison for extremely dangerous/sick, patients/inmates. Where they are investigating the disappearance of a patient who has seemingly just vanished without a trace, Leonardo Di Caprio plays the role of the main Marshall Teddy Daniels who is supported by his partner “Chuck” played by Mark Ruffalo and both in my opinion do extremely well in this film, especially di caprio as by the end of the film i came away from it with a new-found respect and admiration for him as an actor.

Also to my surprise a favourite actor of mine was also in the film namely Sir Ben Kingsley who plays Dr Cawley one of the head physicians at the institute, he is a new breed of psychiatrist (remember this is set in the 1950’s) who doesn’t believe in procedures like lobotomies etc and that essentially talking therapies are more effective than essentially butchering someones brain to make them more docile which would seem obvious but remember it was still the early days of studying mental health. So he’s seen as more of a pioneer compared to his compatriots at the institute who favour lobotomies over anything else.

The twists, turns and overall mystery of the story keeps you guessing right on to the very end, always leaving you with some doubt over what just happened or perhaps it wasn’t real or some trickery is involved. It’s all so wonderfully crafted together and well done, it’s like it takes you there right next to di caprio’ character and that you care what happens to him.

Even when you find out all is not what it seems with “Teddy Daniels” (Di Caprio’ character) you still sympathise with him because through the use of dream sequences you get a glimpse into his traumatized mind and you do sympathise with him because of the pain he’s been through and the horrible things that he’s been witness too. You kind of want to believe in the stories that are true in his head to actually be real, even though they may not actually be real….

Then theirs the ending which almost leaves itself open to interpretation by the audience, but for me it was fairly clear although I won’t write it here as at least then, i can be vaguely spoiler free. lets just say I thought it was a very satisfactory ending.

So this film will go on my all time favourite films list, or perhaps the I’m surprised it turned out so good list, although that might be a little too wordy!

If you like mystery/psychological/thrillers whatever you want to classify it as! Then seriously give this one a look as it is utterly brilliant.

Thank you for reading


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