The Villains Of Gaming Analysis Part 2

There was a specific bad guy i was thinking of, which never needed full on voice acting and could only communicate through text bubbles and miming (due to the limitations of the technology the game in question was contained on) he of course is:


Everyone should know him, he is from final fantasy 7 on the PS1 and is one of the all time best…worst? villains in all of gaming from his humble beginnings as a superstar of SOLDIER to his descent into madness and ultimately his quest for godhood he is one of those memorable villains that i believe stands the test of time through his sheer intimidation factor. I mean just look at that massive sword that’s bigger than him! Also he descends into evil it’s his quiet demeanor that put the chills up me the most. He was trying to bring about the end of the world and he seemed so powerful that you seemed almost powerless to stop him, it’s this sort of thing i really love as the story patiently and brilliantly builds him up gives him a purpose, some understanding of how he came to be what he is and why he does what he does. Square enix did themselves proud ….Then ruined it with the subsequent games after that but still! They created a timeless ultimate bad guy during the era of limited technology so they should be proud.

The Darkness

Specifically the tentacle like things wrapped around jackie. Yes it is essentially the ultimate bad guy in the comics and the games based off the comics, but they also give power to jackie estacado (The character you control in both games) rendering him an absolutely unstoppable killing machine but of course that power granted to him comes with a huge price. The darkness has been a part of his family for generations and is essentially a part of him which he has to constantly fight with for control otherwise his soul/consciousness would be lost forever (as far as i could tell). It’s that conflict between the darkness and jackie which make it such an interesting story, whether the darkness will finally make him bend to his will or if he can maintain control and suppress it’s utterly evil nature.

The voice actor does a terrific job with the darkness giving it that growl almost wet demonic sound to it, alternating between the low growls to the horrible high shrieking always reminding you it’s there and that you;ll never be completely rid of it.

Seymour (Final Fantasy 10)

This is how you don’t do a final fantasy villain. First of all he looks completely unthreatening and stupid (look at the hair if you need direction) and if you listen to him he has a soft almost squeaky voice that is incredibly irritating to the ear which makes you just want to punch him…. Which i suppose actually is a good trait to have if you’re a villain, but it’s not just that it’s that fact that throughout the game you beat him over and over again. He goes on and on about destroying the world to save it, which makes no god damn sense, makes himself out to be all-powerful yet you beat him down many many times. That is not a threatening villain when you beat him over and over again! How can you feel like your backs are against the wall trying to save the world when you breathe on him he falls over dead or unconscious? And again his voice argghhh he sounds like a less threatening michael jackson.

Finally for this part

The Joker (Batman Arkham Asylum And City)

So…..Yeah just look at him, if i saw the joker in a dark alley i would shit myself there and then. He is certifiable insane but at the same time he knows it, the character mixes utter genius with madness and really can there be a scarier bad guy that is a genius but also mad…. And he knows it? In the games and i believe the animated series he is voice by Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill and he does a brilliant job with it, truly outstanding. He voices the perfect mix of lunacy and madness and brings the role to life, if he used that voice on me while unaware I’d start running out of fear with a nano second!

Thanks for reading 😀


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2 Responses to The Villains Of Gaming Analysis Part 2

  1. One villain who is conceptually similar to Joker, but more frightening, is Paxton Fettel from F.E.A.R.
    He’s the scariest motherfucker I’ve ever “met”.

  2. djrutland says:

    Oh yes i’d forgotten about F.E.A.R that was back when it was more about the horror than anything else eh 🙂 Fettel was someone you most definitely didnt want to meet in a dark alley or within a 100 miles for that matter.

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