Gamer Fury!

We’ve all been there where you get to a certain point in a game which you simply can not do, no matter how many times you try you just can’t seem to beat it and it gets extremely aggravating. All the normal thoughts run through your mind “how am i meant to beat this!?” or “The A.I is cheating!” and no matter how hard you think your trying you just can’t do it.

Perhaps this happens during multiplayer too, no matter what you try you seem to get bested by 10 year olds with twitch reflexes akin to superman and you just seem to be constantly getting pounded into the dirt.

Those are the moments where it almost seems right to rage quit or perhaps through the controller through the god damn window or tv screen, there’s also the crying option too…

There is a way around this, or at least a way that works for me and I’m sure could work for you too. If you find yourself stuck on a particular bit in a level or a hard as nails boss etc just turn off the console or pc game and come back to it later. 9/10 this works for me as when I come back to the game I beat the section I was stuck on first try, which got me to thinking does the gamer fury blur more than your emotions, does it actively mess with your perceptions and that time you think you’re doing really well, your actually sucking a big one but you don’t realise it at the time?

So allowing yourself that break, that time off from the game, at least helps me to get that calm back, so then after that you can come back and attack the level again with a clear head and better focus which nearly always works.

Although sometimes that’s hard to do because certain games seem to be designed to get you pissed off and utterly aggravated but its sheer design and unforgiving mechanics. Namely demons souls and dark souls as the most obvious candidates, well and honourable mentions to the likes of super meat boy and the trials games (trials I’ll admit is a bit more of a stretch because your following a pre set course and all you have to do is navigate the obstacles given to you, so there’s nothing inherently evil about it…..kind of). Super meat boy however the controls are simple yes and the concept is fairly similar to trials yet i put it to you that the sheer amount of deadly buzz blades, pits, lasers, crushers, moving saw blades, tiny spaces for perilous jumps and many more evil contraptions are designed to push you to the brink of insanity and is evvillll! (although the game is fun…figure that one out!).

Demons souls and darks souls I’ve already touched on before but I’ll say this yes they are meant to be difficult to challenge the player and to give him/her the reward/satisfaction of beating sections of challenges of the game. However I’ll always take issue with the game’s because i believe they were difficult because the combat system was stodgier than cement and any hint of a dodge function was completely pointless as it took far too fucking long to dodge anything. So rather than being difficult by design, it was difficult because the developers hate you and wanted to increase the suffering by giving you bad controls, theres being hard while being fair but this….this is hard while being completely unfair and unforgiving.


(Seriously fuck this game!)

As you can see dark and demons souls hold a special place in my heart for releasing the fury. That’s not to say i don’t like a challenge it’s just I hate a challenge when the game actively works against you for the challenge….

Last honourable mention however has to go to the call of duty series. Now, not as much the single player as i had a pretty fun time with it…Minus the fucking veteran difficulty setting where it upgrades the enemy soldiers with robotic laser vision and terminator like reflexes and the bazillion grenades that get sent in your direction…. dear mother humping god the grenades! The frequency of the grenades admittedly do fluctuate between games but the worst culprit for this was call of duty world at war, my god the enemies threw a shit ton of grenades heaping the misery on you and not giving you any chance to find a stable place to pick off enemies, you just had to keep moving from cover to cover hoping again hope that you wouldn’t be gunned down by the hordes of terminators firing at you.

The multiplayer in the CoD series has been more up and down for me, i did have a lot of fun with them too however i could never play it to the lengths i know people do, and several of my friends have racked up days of play time online. I seem to get around lvl 35-40 then completely lose track of it because then it gets far too competitive, which isn’t fun for me, I don’t play it as a competition, i play it for fun and to unlock cool stuff and customizing shit to add to the experience, not to get the best k/d or pwn noobs or to trash talk other people and their fore ruining their experiences too. That gets me angry in a whole new way.

That one is more of a serious example of my personal hangups with gamer fury, so to try to end it on a happier note I’d love to hear about your experiences with any games that seem like they have a personal vendetta against you and that you can now look back and laugh because you beat it and lived to tell another day 😉

Thank you for reading!


p.s. As a disclaimer I’m usually a nice calm gamer! honest! 😀

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8 Responses to Gamer Fury!

  1. C3ph45 says:

    As a special mention, I would have to say that perseverance is key with Cod-up to level 35, you might not know the maps fully, and all the little nuances which can get you ahead-which walls to throw grenades over, which routes people like to take at the start, favourite camping spots etc. Similarly, you won’t unlock some of the really useful weapons (I love my Javelins!). Secondly, sometimes you just need to leave the group you are playing with-sometimes there’s no shame in admitting that the other team really is better than you, and moving on.
    Finally, as with any multiplayer, working with friends as part of a team is central to improving your game. Friends who can cover you when needed, or who can shout when there’s someone behind you can really help that k/d. You should really join us more!

    As for difficult (and/or frustrating) games, I struggle with games that alter the generally accepted control schemes. An example would be an fps that doesn’t use either Halo or CoD controller layout (Rainbow 6, I’m looking at you!). And I love Super Meat Boy. I’ll probably never 100% it, but it’s got such personality that I can forgive it!

  2. djrutland says:

    oh i agree super meat boy is fun but its pure evil at the same time!

  3. myrastyla says:

    I feel more rage quits coming on during multiplayer, I enjoy the difficulty of the campaign and know its designed to test your skill and your patients. But multiplayer is where I can loose it a little, and its never because the other player is better. They must be hacking, I can easily admit I am one of those players that blame anything else other than my skill ha-ha. The one big reason I don’t enjoy COD at all is the player demographic, it only ever seems to be 80% of players are aged between 8 and 14. Or maybe its just how they sound. But having 8 -12 people constantly screaming, cussing and trying to act tough over mic is boring, plus I can’t be bothered to mute all or have my headset in. Just shut up guys. But it is funny to hear THEM loose it.

    Great post is what I’m trying to say!

  4. djrutland says:

    haha thank you! and yes it does seem the demographic for CoD are kids who shouldn’t be alowed to play it in the first place due to age restrictions etc 😦 but such is life, i think i last so long on the multi because i always have my mic unplugged.

  5. myrastyla says:

    That’s true, it’s life and all you can do is unplug it ha 🙂 I did once have a kid on COD and when I asked “Where are your parents?” (because he sounded about 7) he immediately got his dad! Being fair after a quick chat he appologised for his son’s behaviour and took him out the game o.O I want to play games not baby sit your kids….. I saw how ironic that last sentence was 🙂

  6. djrutland says:

    I guess the silver lining is that at least he got his dad and that he apologised. Thankfully i’ve avoided alot of the bad kids but bumped into a lot of racists well and kids who use the n word without thinking, so private party chat all the way 😀
    I hear you about the not wanting to babysit other peoples kids, crysis 3 tho has a wonderful option called automute lol it mutes everryyooneeee on your team 😀

  7. myrastyla says:

    I saw that video it was pretty funny. That is the other problem, people (kids) think its ok to be racist because you’re online. Mainly because they know there wont be any consequences such as a smack in the mouth from some one bigger and older. I like the way Crysis 3 thinks! 🙂

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