1+ Month Sober And Counting The Check In


Hello again and here we are, somewhere that even a month ago seemed light-years away. I have made it to my first month of sobriety.

The strangest thing is how different this feels to my first prolonged dry period, before the detox even started I had assumed it would be the same and that I was equipped to handle it, just the same as I had done previously.

Thankfully that didn’t come to pass and going to groups and appointments with key workers really helped me and I started to and am getting so much more out of them than I felt I had previously. I’m getting myself up off my own steam and making sure that I am on time and actively “wanting” to be there. Which is because it all feels so different, so new, and dare I say it, exciting? Building my life back up to where I want it to be, whats more exciting than that? Living without the shackles and dependency of addiction is immeasurably liberating.

To create the man who I want to be is my ultimate goal and one that I will put my all into achieving and keep that forward momentum going.

However you should never let your guard down, that little voice that has been so weakened but never vanquished, will be there at times, trying to catch you off guard and get you back into its clutches.

Fight it, you control your life, not addiction, you can do this.


Keep Going.


And thank you for reading



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