Xbox360 Achievements Part 3 That I Will Most Likely Never Get

I figured I’d do a different take on my previous achievement posts that rather than achievements from the past i was proud of and the ones that i had fun obtaining i thought I’d write about the ones i would never ever complete/obtain because either:

  • The game sucked so bad it was an insult to play
  • The Game/Achievement was simply unrealistic to complete
  • The Game/Achievement was simply too fucking hard

So without further ado here we go!

  • Dark Souls


So Officially fuck this game, those five achievements i have i don’t think ill be getting any further with it as for me it’s simply far too draining to play and also hard as nails if you don’t know too much about the game. That’s all you need to know really….its really hard (apparently demons souls is harder but I don’t have a PS3) as far as I can see there are a few progression based achievements but I won’t get them as for me it would feel more like a chore than having fun, but having said that kudos to anyone who has 100% the game you are officially insane!


  • Earthworm Jim HD

This gets an honourable mention from me because I had the super nintendo version back when I was a kid, and I loved it (and the cartoons) despite it being quite bloody hard (I can’t remember specifically but it definitely left a few scars on my childhood!). So I am going to be approaching this with some fear and trepidation…..Help me!

  • Trials HD


Ah trials trial trials, how I love you and HATE you at the same time. This is the first trials game released on xbla by red lynx and it’s a brilliant game where you have to navigate your motorbike rider over a series of obstacles where each level increases in difficulty each time. You only control the throttle, brakes and whether you shift your rider’s weight forward or back. It’s so simple and yet complex as when you get to the harder difficulties it gets really insane with what the levels ask you to do to complete them.

Now this particular achievement is nuts because you have these tournaments in the game where you play a collection of tracks right to the end, one by one until you finish them all and you can’t save it in between. This achievement has you playing a big tournament of 6+ tracks, possibly more than that where you can’t fault even once….. I’ve tried to get this before but utterly failed each time, i have a friend who actually achieved this but i had the pleasure of listening in while he attempted it and you could hear at least 1 swear in between every word uttered, it was hilarious yet I had sympathy for him as it has to be one of the most difficult achievements to get in the xbox 360 library, red lynx apparently had to make the achievement easier by saying you didn’t need a gold medal (doing it in a tight time limit) to complete it, that just shows how incredibly hard it was to get. Again if you have this you are nuts!

  • Soldier Of Fortune Payback


Again fuck this game, but not because this is a hard game like dark souls it’s because this game fucking sucks, it’s absolutely terrible, avoid at all costs! (the 7 achievements in the game were all i could stand) and never will play again I’d happily buy a copy just to burn it!

  • Gears Of War 2

seriously 2.0

This is one of those achievements where you need an insane amount of patience to get, it just tests your patience that’s about it. I thought i was doing well at getting roughly 30,000 kills but a friend of mine (different from the trials friend) got this and he expected me to get it too after him but…. No, no way i bow to him and his patience because it feels like a boring waste of time to have to grind THAT much but either way kudos to you dude you have my admiration. Honourable mention seriously 3.0 from gears of war 3 is the worst one though seriously fuck that achievement too, even more pointless busy work and huge grinding.

  • Ghost Recon AW Fighter 1


And finally for now, Ghost recon AW 1, as you can see from the screenshot the achievements in question demand that you climb to the top of the world leaderboards on xbox live! Which would require untold…UNTOLD grinding and hundreds of wasted hours, it’s definitely for those people who think leaderboards matter, and obsessive compulsives who absolutely must have every achievement, granted i am an achievement whore but those guys are on a whole new level, but no way i will ever do this in a million years.

Anyway hope you enjoyed this

Thanks for reading


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