X-Com:Enemy Unknown On Impossible… How It Took My Sanity!

So after a good long while I have finally finished Xcom on impossible setting on the Xbox 360, and let me tell you it’s incredibly draining. If you even slightly mess up you can get 3 or 4 of your team killed straight away, so you’d better have flawless strategy or at the very least save every turn to have any chance of success!

Nowhere did this become more apparent when I approached the end of the game and I had shot down an alien battleship, and then of course I had to mop up the survivors, and this is where it gets tough because there was 29 aliens to my 6 squad mates. That may not sound too bad but believe me, its insanely tough, especially when you get closer to the end of the game you know that you can’t mess up otherwise 15+ hours go straight down the drain. Of course you have to balance what you research and what you build in the game so you don’t get caught draws down by the xcom council, and end up getting dumped on and having to restart the entire game from scratch.

I don’t think I was ever really ready to take on a challenge like this, it was only until half way through the game that I discovered an article where the designer/creator of the game admitted that the impossible difficulty was too hard….. Thanks man let me know until I was too invested to stop! But there was also the lure of the achievements too, as you guys know I am a sucker for them, and that was to my detriment this time around….

So as a warning, if you plan on playing X-Com on impossible difficulty, prepare for a long, lengthy slog. But once you manage to do it, at least you wont have to do it again. If that’s a silver lining at all! And be warned, it will frustrate you to the absolute maximum, only try it if you have a huge reservoir of patience!

At least now I have time to actually enjoy a game like Lost Odyssey again 😉

Thanks for reading



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