Romance In Gaming: The Witcher 2


Now, in case any of you have played The Witcher 2, I am very much aware that Romance being uttered in the same name of the Witcher is stretching it a smidge. I know that Geralt and Triss do have a thing (I’m going by the game as I have not read the books). But hey lets see how this one turns out :).

So, The Witcher 2

This series in gaming, for me has always been akin to Mass Effect but set in medieval times since it was a fantasy Action/RPG all the dragons, swords and magic etc (Since it was made with the mass effect engine then I think that can be a fair assumption.) and it is a game I very much enjoyed, probably one of my favourite RPGs of this generation, although not forgetting that it was originally a PC-only title before CD Projekt ported it over a year or two ago. And I thought they didn’t a stellar job, any RPG fan from the casual to the diehard fan should enjoy this game, another thing this game brought to the table was that it showed you sex scenes near enough in full view, instead of implying it or applying deft censorship so you don’t see any erm… Bits and Pieces.

Even to this day of relative Video Game enlightenment actual sex scenes have never really been that detailed or fleshed out (Pun not intended), you could smash your way through legions of bad guys with varying degrees of blood and gore, but one thing that didn’t seem to be acceptable? You couldn’t have the boobs or the wangs or anything like that. Perhaps that had been a conscientious decision because of the way gaming was seen during the nighties and dare I say early noughties? Bedroom bound, overweight, greasy nerds with the social skills of a sack of potatoes.


Of course that is not true but the stereotype continue to pervade up until the likes of Bioware (in my experience anyway) started to introduce romance sub-plots into their games, as hey we’re adults we demand something a little deeper than shooting people in the face.

With Mass effect and its little scenes after you complete the romance quests, then came the Witcher 2 (Ignoring The Witcher 1 as I have never played it.) with its near enough full frontal nudity, although don’t get me wrong it doesn’t happen all the time but when sex scenes happen, oh boy they don’t hold back. So after mass effect drew outrage from the ignorant media for its PG-13 sex scene, what kind of reaction did the Witcher get? Erm as far as I could tell pretty much nothing. We can only hope that, that is a sign of gaming’s collective coming of age.

Anyway, I should talk about the actual game! There all actually very tastefully done, nothing too over the top or extra arse or boob shots for the hell of it or anything like that. The chief romance in the game is that of the main character Geralt and the mage called Triss, you always get the feeling that Geralt is a very emotionally closed off man, and Triss is the only one he really opens up to, granted this is quite the clichéd romance but still, its done very well, and more importantly its believable.

Although I guess that you can’t completely escape from the damsel in distress cliché in romance, because you spend most of the game traveling across the game world in hopes of rescuing her from her kidnappers.

Although there is something in the game that’s a little mystifying, it paints our two heroes has lovers/In love, but there is absolutely nothing to stop you from going to the local brothel (yes there in the game, this is the medieval times I suppose) paying a few gold coins and shacking up with the local whore for the night, completely consequence free! Again maybe that can be explained because people in the medieval fantasy world are known to have loose morals and no one gives a shit?


(Just Randomly this is also a game where you can challenge wafer thin dudes to fist fights……)

Not completely sure if that completely invalidates me from using the word Romance in this post but what the hell.

Anyway Thanks for reading!



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