The Power Of Anxiety


This is something again close to my heart, it’s always been a big personal battle for myself, do I let myself become a victim to my own anxiety? Or do I manage to overcome it and be my own master?

That was always something I struggled to overcome, especially when i got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, rightly or wrongly I managed to psych myself out and avoid social situations that could have possibly put my health at risk (even if those risks were overblown by myself). I’d always thought that I couldn’t do anything since being diagnosed, and from that way of thinking I robbed myself of many a social experience, never mind that fact that I could justify it to myself, it always made myself feel bad that I in myself didn’t feel up to the task of mingling with people, it was always a fear that I wouldn’t be close enough to a hospital should something bad happen. Of course with the twisted logic that I had at the time I only thought that the hospital close to where I live was capable of treating me, like no other hospital could. Definitely sounds very silly thinking about it right now!

That sort of anxiety is what kept me from joining my mates from cricket at social gatherings or meeting them out of the season to have some fun (video games or board games etc) I essentially was my own worst enemy, while not as bad as I used to be it’s always something that i struggle with.

I think it always comes with experience, if you manage to get comfortable with various situations then its harder for yourself to scare you, if you know what I mean. Of course its harder said than done, but if you can be aware of the situation and the feelings that you give yourself, then it does get better.

I think the secret is, to challenge yourself, to do that one daunting thing a week, to make it seem not so scary, then it does get better.

It’s always been a strange one how anxiety can get the better of you, if you don’t have that overwhelming belief in yourself then anxiety really can get the better of you and control what you do. It is seemingly a constant battle, if you let it get that little opening it can wreck you, but with the power of your positive thoughts and experience you can beat it, it can never outright beat you, remember that.

I hope you find this vaguely useful, it’s always been something that ive struggled with, although not as much as I used to, as I get to grips with the problem. Just remember you can beat it, it does not control you, you let yourself be controlled by it. As soon as you realise that you control yourself then that’s the moment you take control of your own life!

Thanks for reading



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