Ludicrous Romances: Far Cry 3 Jason Brody And Citra

Well as long as youve played the game you’ll know who I am talking about. Jason Brody is the main character and Citra is the warrior woman who acts as the head of the tribe who you miraculously seem to have been inducted into, even though you were unconscious at the time, so while that is strange im going to try to not be to hung up on that. What I am going to get hung up on is the romance that develops between Brody and Citra, because absolutely no characterisation happens, time just passes and by way of giving Brody more power they seemingly fuck and he is automatically stronger and she loves him, is that all it takes?

I’m being serious, the character development between those two pretty much comes down to Citra preaching about being a warrior to Jason, and he eats it up. That’s it, and after an arbitrary amount of time and missions have passed you sense that a relationship is forming between the two, and the only way that must be is that she must get off on the knowledge that Jason is killing pirates by the truck load in her name (more or less). So the only conclusion you can draw is that she’s psychotic, or so desperate for a man who she’ll take anyone.

It’s a side-show for want of a better term. One could wonder why the “romance” side story was even implemented, because you could easily remove it and the game wouldn’t be impacted in the absolute slightest. Apart from perhaps the bullshit ending moral choice (which I wont spoil for you.) the side stories with your friends who you rescue from the pirates have far more believable romances to them than these two do.

Because all the relationships boil down to a marriage of convenience, how does Jason qualify to be a Rakyat warrior? Because they found him washed up on a beach? Are they in a habit of taking anyone they can get, or do they specialise in recruiting rich american kids on holiday?

Its apparent “Relationships” like these that lead me to believe that there trying to cash in on the mass effect system, where they had a romance story line implemented and that did well, well why not do it for our game too?! As there’s no need for it and its an insult to any Adult who plays that game rather than the teenagers they might be angling for.

Please Please development companies and/or publishers stop even thinking about doing any sort of romance, unless you plan on doing it right! Make it mean something! Or at the very least make it believable.


Only a short one on this today as, of course if you’ve played the game then, you’ll know it actually has very few flaws, at least in my opinion. So if I made the post any longer id just be rambling nonsensical even more than I am already 😀


Thanks for reading




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3 Responses to Ludicrous Romances: Far Cry 3 Jason Brody And Citra

  1. AMUNISDAWN48 says:

    Dude, she didnt fuck him then all of a sudden fell in love with him. You can sense tha she loved him way back when Brody found the Dragon knife. Then she asked “what would you desire” and you can sense in her pose and her eyes that she loved him. She probably would have fucked then and there if he asked instead of finding his friends

  2. les says:

    It’s kinda weird that in the dream wolrd jason fought a monster while in fact he is just fucking citra

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