When Anxiety Rears Its Ugly Head *A Ramble*


This is something close to my heart because as I explained in a previous post, ive long suffered from nerves and anxiety problems before. And while I have been markedly improving and being able to cope much better, there are still times where it catches you off guard and you need that help to be able to see it for what it is, a habit formed from problems of yesteryear that now longer exist in your life, and having that knowledge to know to leave it behind and to further better yourself.

The problem for me is that you need to feel aware enough that what you’re worrying about is nothing really at all, and that you need to relax. Easier said than done eh? The one thing for me so far after my personal progress is trying to leave those feelings of nerves behind.

As I have felt those feelings for so long in my life, that in a way, I don’t know how else to feel. Sometimes ill think to myself that there’s something wrong, or that ive done something worthy to merit being worried about. Despite the fact that I had done nothing wrong, my mind had kept sending me signals that there was something to be nervous or anxious about, which is really hard to ignore, as if your someone like me who is a worrier at heart, its something really difficult to stop doing if you do it as naturally as say breathing oxygen.

Just the other day after not being able to sleep and having that tight gnawing feel in my chest, I realised I was going through an anxiety attack and when I tried to think why? I couldn’t think of anything at all, I was worrying for the sake of it. And for anyone who suffers in a similar way, the way to beating it is to have that someone or perhaps a group of people/friends/family that you trust, that you know your comfortable speaking to, about anything, that will help lift the weight from your shoulders. Even if you don’t believe in the old saying that “A problem shared is a problem halved” take it from me, its true. I never believed in it until I got proper help with anxiety management etc, but once you put it into practice believe me it helps take a load off your mind.

Although again if you happen to feel anxious and worried about nothing in particular, do something to take your mind off it. I can’t state enough how much that helps, if you have someone to talk to about it, then do it. If you perhaps have a hobby to partake in then do it also. For myself, I have games to fall back on as there a wonderful way of taking your mind of your worries.

To close though, remember that you will get better, even with time it will get better, theres no hopeless situation, with time you can achieve anything you want to, and with time you will get better, keep that in your mind and your already half way there 🙂

And remember do not suffer in silence.

Thanks for reading



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