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FTL: Faster Than Light, Pilot Your Own Spaceship And Then Get It Blown Up!

We’ve all had that dream, where we are in control of our own spaceship playing the Han solo role (from star wars) getting riches and upgrading and making your ship unstoppable etc. Or perhaps some sort of variant on that, we all … Continue reading

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The New Star Trek Game, A Warning

This one will only be a short one but I figured I would do my duty by sharing this video by Angry Joe of TheAngryJoeShow fame. It’s about the new star trek game that’s either about to be released or only just been … Continue reading

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MMO’s and me have had a tumultuous relationship throughout the years, and by tumultuous i mean ignore completely despite the fact everyone and everything is shouting at me to play them, the biggest culprit being World Of Warcraft. Now I have played WoW … Continue reading

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Star wars Knights of the old republic memories

This was my first bioware game id ever played and boy was it one of the best they’d ever created, it was so good and was so well written and was a testament to what could be done with the … Continue reading

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Part 5 cont. Knights of the old republic on xbox 1

carrying on from previously there are still a few more xbox 1 games of note that really developed my sense of what a video game was or at least what i think it was and what i could aspire to be. … Continue reading

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