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The Legacy Of Terrible Acting/Voice Acting

Terrible Acting/voice acting in gaming particularly to me has a certain charm to it (unless you’ve paid full price for it). We all know those terrible movies with terrible acting, awful writing etc all of which elicit a kind of … Continue reading

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Nostalgia, It Aint What It Used To Be!

I shouldn’t feel this old after only recently turning 27….. But the nostalgia bug has been hitting me lately that I can’t help it. You know when you remember your favourite songs like they were yesterday? Or any sort of … Continue reading

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Part 3: The beginning and subsequent end of the dreamcast days.

Going into secondary school (high school) that’s of course getting to the age where you endlessly argue over which console was best and defending your own to the death (figuratively!) which is of course stupid but i think every kid … Continue reading

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