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The Power Of Dreams And Anxiety

Being able to get proper sleep has been something that’s eluded be for a good few years now. Waking up at 3/4 am regularly and every other hour is definitely not, what you might call a good nights sleep. Previously … Continue reading

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The Power Of Anxiety

This is something again close to my heart, it’s always been a big personal battle for myself, do I let myself become a victim to my own anxiety? Or do I manage to overcome it and be my own master? That was always … Continue reading

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The New Sim City…My Turn For Server Connection Problems!

Sigh and after i defended the game…. Its still a great game but *sigh* i guess its not fixed yet. Time to play scribblenauts unlimited! I think ill write that up too, thankfully thatll be easier because itll let me … Continue reading

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