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Micro-Transactions, On-Disc DLC And Why We Hate Them On Principle

Plus my own thoughts on them but that title would have been waaayyyy too big…. Micro-transactions allow you in-game to either purchase extra cosmetic items or gear for your player at an additional cost to the price you’ve already paid … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasure Gaming: Kingdom Of Amalur Reckoning

This is a guilty pleasure for me because this is a fantasy RPG that is boiled down to its base form, the classes are basic, the combat system is basic, the graphics are basic, everything! Is incredibly basic and “Safely” … Continue reading

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The Return Of Battlefield 3…

Or more accurately, My return to battlefield 3. As after so long i gave in and ended up buying it on the cheap for the format i had it on before (xbox 360) and im so happy i did. Its pretty much a “come back battlefield 3 … Continue reading

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The New Sim City…My Turn For Server Connection Problems!

Sigh and after i defended the game…. Its still a great game but *sigh* i guess its not fixed yet. Time to play scribblenauts unlimited! I think ill write that up too, thankfully thatll be easier because itll let me … Continue reading

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Worst Release Launch Ever! The New Sim City

(Oh Dear) I’ve been quietly watching the wreckage that is the new sim city launch this past week, where people were not able to access the game they had paid for, or their progress gets deleted or rolled back without an … Continue reading

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Game Time! Dead Space 3 Review

  Lets get this out of the way first, this game is absolutely the least scariest game of the dead space series. Which didn’t bother me as much as i thought it would as its still a hell of a lot … Continue reading

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Gaming Memories: The Command And Conquer Series And RTS In General

  The RTS is a genre thats quite dear to my heart as they were the first type of games id ever played on the pc, and ended up being quite good at them! Even if the majority of RTS’s … Continue reading

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