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The Power Of Dreams And Anxiety

Being able to get proper sleep has been something that’s eluded be for a good few years now. Waking up at 3/4 am regularly and every other hour is definitely not, what you might call a good nights sleep. Previously … Continue reading

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FTL: Faster Than Light, Pilot Your Own Spaceship And Then Get It Blown Up!

We’ve all had that dream, where we are in control of our own spaceship playing the Han solo role (from star wars)¬†getting riches and¬†upgrading and making your ship unstoppable etc. Or perhaps some sort of variant on that, we all … Continue reading

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Lost Odyssey My Gaming Journal Pt 2: The Story Develops And….. Dreams?

We travel to the city of Uhra (which still sounds like an incredibly stupid name but hey it is hard to think of names after all.) we do our requisite talk to everyone we can in this little moving car/cart … Continue reading

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Lost Odyssey: Hanna’s Departure Dream

Hanna’s Departure The family members have tears in their eyes when they welcome Kaim back to the inn from his long journey. “Thank you so much for coming.” He understands the situation immediately. The time for departure is drawing near. … Continue reading

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