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Nervousness And Empathy

It certainly has been a while since I’ve written something like this hasn’t it? Recently I’ve been having an increase of anxious and panicky moments during my normal week days, not wholly unexpected, as I’ve said before I have some … Continue reading

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The Power Of Anxiety

This is something again close to my heart, it’s always been a big personal battle for myself, do I let myself become a victim to my own anxiety? Or do I manage to overcome it and be my own master? That was always … Continue reading

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When Anxiety Rears Its Ugly Head *A Ramble*

This is something close to my heart because as I explained in a previous post, ive long suffered from nerves and anxiety problems before. And while I have been markedly improving and being able to cope much better, there are still times … Continue reading

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Struggling with anxiety while trying to sleep

The past few months my sleep patterns have been awful as ive struggled to sleep, which of course makes during the days harder as im nearly always tired. I believe its generally down to my anxiety problems as on more … Continue reading

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Depression And Anxiety

I was compelled to write this as im having a bit of a moment (thats incidentally lasted all morning and now the afternoon so far) so i figured id talk about it a little bit to try and relieve the … Continue reading

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