Movie/TV Time: Halo: NightFall Part 2 “Lets Blow Something Up!”


Here we get our little transitional scene where we get to know our squad of ONI dickheads and Sedran bumpkins. The only new bit of information we get from the whole ordeal is that our Colonel Aiken used to be in the Spartan program (an augmented super-soldier).

Everything else? We just get confirmations that the ONI guys are twats and the Sedran’s are the mis-understood country bumpkins… Or so they seem?

Despite the ongoing twat parade we finally touch down on halo, and I have to admit its pretty cool to see. In the game its luscious green, mountains, rivers etc now its just ash, now if you had never played the games before then its inconsequential piece of space junk, I get that the main audience for the show will be halo fans, but what about non-halo fans? They’ll be completely at sea if they don’t have halo nerd friends to explain it to them. It would have been cool if we had a deeper re-telling about the object that the universe is centred around!

After our heroes go for a walk about on this barren wasteland, you can’t help get the feeling that the movie is starting to go the way of “pitch black”

You’re damn right it is, no sooner as they prep to leave and nuke the place they get stranded there as the exit ship gets taken down by little worm things that are attracted by active advanced technology, you heard me!

Worm things that can band together to be stronger than the sum of their parts and can eat a man in full armour in seconds.

So our heroes are stranded, except there not…. We all forgot about the ship that the smugglers used to get onto the ring, did I forget to mention that? It’s just that those guys were so inconsequential I completely forgot to mention, they are just devices used to give our main characters hope of getting off the ring alive.

How do they decide who gets to go on the ship with the limited space and who gets left behind to get burnt to ashes by the sun as the ring rotates to-day time to a temperature of a billion degrees? (another idea from a riddick film)

Draw straws of course!

God this is getting boring, more cheesy clichés but of the boring variety, monologues on what its like to be a soldier in dangerous, almost certain death situations. Cut with scenes of walking, and more walking *sigh*


Back to our heroes who are now showing signs of oxygen deprivation in the paper-thin atmosphere of the halo ring, so they have no choice but to power up their oxygen systems of their suits to avoid suffocating. Simple really apart from the hunter worms on their tail,  but we do get an opportunity for some more stupidity courtesy of one of the sedan squad who is currently not in possession of the family brain cell as she drops oxygen filter down the slope they just came and it just so happens to still be active. Now normally you would give it up for lost considering the man-eating monster worms that are roaming freely around on the ring, but not this lady! She goes down after it and promptly gets her arse eaten off in 10 seconds flat, which is no real loss on, with the story!

Or what passes for a story

The group manages to get to a cave of some sort with the arms still close by, they moan and cry for a bit about how their royally boned and almost certainly facing certain death, and to be fair that’s what I would do! However we do get treated to a king dick move by one of the ONI guys who takes one of the injured prisoners and essentially rolls him down the slope edge to get eaten by the worms, wow nice going asshole now see how cooperative his brother will be after you fed him to the proverbial dogs.

Locke tries to reprimand the dick head who fed the prisoner to the worms, but the guy defends himself with this awful line “Do you see god anywhere? Tonight, we’re god” all in a breathless tone, come on guy if you’re going to say something that stupid at least ham it up for the audience.


<——— Part 1                                                                                                             Part 3 ———>





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Movie/TV Time: Halo Nightfall Part 1

Its been a while since I’ve plonked my arse on the sofa and watched a dvd so I thought I would bring you lovely readers along with me for the ride as we watch together a film based off the smash hit xbox game “Halo” oddly enough called…..


Previous Halo live action films and shorts have always carried an air of melodrama, It has its roots in video games but christ you will take us seriously. Nightfall is no different.

We start with a wistful looking man overlooking a rain-soaked city cloaked in the dim glow of a sunset… Or rise while he monologues about the whys and the hows of being a soldier, all while holding his young daughter, its like there actively ticking every action man cliché but you know what? I bloody love it.

The cheese meter goes down a couple of notches after we get a brief text explanation on the back story of the Halo universe (Big war between the humans and Aliens also known as the covenant, results in the near extinction of humanity but it manages to all end peacefully) then we meet our main hero of the film “Locke” an agent of ONI (Secret intelligence) as his team are on the trail of a suspected smuggler while they exchange witless banter, seriously 99% of his ONI team are total unlikable dicks, so I very much look forward to their timely demise!


It’s during those moments that we get our first glimpse of our alien adversaries the covenant in the shape of an “Elite” who looks so out-of-place in the forest that it seriously risks breaking immersion, the smuggler however looks made up properly however like an alien off star trek so a big thumbs up for that one.

Things quickly descend into tits up territory as the elite is suspected to be carrying a bomb and it looks like his/her/its? target is the nearby human city of Sedra (Hate that name)

They track the Elite into a local Mall, how no one in and around the mall noticed a 7+ ft blue alien and not raise the alarm is beyond me. The bomb “detonates” and a biological weapon is unleashed in the city, although the shadowy aliens thus far could have sent in a troop of babies to do the job and that would have been as successful, such is the utter ineptitude of the local security forces. Hello? Theres a giant blue alien on the loose? Stuff the tiny pistols and use the big boy weapons!


Things are looking up however, the cliché meter has started to rise again! It seems this biological agent only kills humans and “No one has seen anything like this” and as one ONI man says “The covenant have found there holy grail” please movie stick with this amount of cheese, its delicious!

But before we can continue with the cheese lets stop for a moment to appreciate a luke warm at best interrogation attempt of the smuggler who gave the elite the “bomb” literally 3 punches thrown by the local colonel then Locke and ONI turn up and speak the aliens language, boom he breaks.

Just imagine if they put the smuggler into Jack Bauer’s care….

So from this rough housing interrogation we find out that the weapon used on the city originated on the very first halo ring from the game, but to investigate it would be “breaking every rule in the book!”

Surprisingly we are treated to a genuinely touching scene where the Sedran’s Colonel Aiken is by his daughters bedside as she too got affected by the biological attack. This moment gets promptly ruined when Locke turns up asking for the Sedrans help in getting to the broken Halo and promptly nuking it.


The rules be damned! Lets nuke something!



To Be Continued ————->     Part 2: Lets Blow Something Up

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It Never Ends

Or so it seems….

Alongside my documented addiction problem I have been dealing/managing with type 1 diabetes, and lately it has started to get on top of me.

So hopefully you’ll forgive me another vent!

Dealing with diabetes is a big job in of itself as you will need to keep tabs on your blood glucose levels, is the level too high or too low? How will i correct it, should I be giving myself a correctional insulin dose or leave it to see if it comes down? What if I give myself too much insulin and suffer a hypoglycemic attack? You start to get a snippet of what it takes to manage this horrible disease (that was only a snippet of the thought processes I could have written but that would have been another post entirely).

It grinds away at you mercilessly its one of the reasons why I don’t beat myself up for developing an addiction to alcohol, it provided a temporary relief from the everyday consideration of your disease by way of making you forget anything was wrong, which is incredibly dangerous considering the ramifications of pursuing that particular method of “comfort”

It is all too easy to forget and/or play down how hard it is to manage diabetes, as my doctor told me once, for all our advances in treatment we are still using relatively blunt instruments to treat it.

It’s why I will always have serious admiration for people who have suffered with type 1 or 2 for 30+ years, that is a hell of an achievement one I think that only fellow diabetics can truly appreciate as they are living through it themselves. They have seemingly found a way to cope with the condition which one day I will find and hopefully pass it on as we’re all in this together.

So if you see someone you know who has diabetes and looks to be struggling or whose mood may be a little “off” take a thought to remember how difficult it is/can be to manage the disease while trying to live your life, just be there for them it doesn’t have to be much but from a personal viewpoint just knowing someone is there helps the feelings of loneliness that can creep in.

Thank you for reading this little vent 🙂

I definitely feel better!




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My Permanent Sobriety Part 2

As a continuation from my last post I thought it might be of some interest if I wrote about how I first developed my addiction and propped it up over the years before now.

I believe it all started when I was initially diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, for the first 6 months I handled it pretty well, as the doctor told me almost too well so it really was an inevitability that I started to really comprehend what the implications were of having a life long disease. Initially you can’t comprehend the idea of injecting yourself every day and monitoring your blood sugar levels every day to make sure you stay reasonably healthy. Its hard but you do eventually get used to it and it slowly becomes apart of yourself and becomes no stranger than getting dressed in the morning.

The problem starts is when emotionally it starts wearing on you, especially when your levels start getting unstable and you have to expend a good deal of energy and patience to fix it. You then start looking for ways to mitigate that frustration that despair you get when you can seemingly never catch a break or that life is kicking you when your down. That was the time I turned to drink in greater and greater amounts as an escape from the harsh realities of life, to actually feel good and at least for a few hours forget about that damned disease that you have.

That is a powerful force to be dangled over you, who here would never want a way of never feeling bad or at least a way of stopping yourself from feeling guilt or pain or whatever negative emotion you can think of?

For me alcohol was the answer and soon I just couldn’t exist without it.

To make matters worse I have a problem with anxiety and depression (no doubt exacerbated by the booze) so any time i would have a panic attack or feel hemmed in and useless, alcohol was always there to pick me up and make me feel better. Since the effects only last a few hours you then go about trying to keep that buzz going constantly, hangovers are bad enough without the added anxiety and desperation so you try to top up your “medication” so to speak to keep yourself ignorant of the outside world and various relationships it completely cuts you off from everything to the point where the only things that matter is you and your next drink.

Perhaps it was another method of self-harm, even if it didn’t involve cutting myself I was for sure drinking myself to oblivion each time I got my hands on alcohol, I’d get so drunk I would pass out still holding the can.

To be able to look back at my past like this is very scary, to think where i would have ended up if I hadn’t snapped out of my malaise long enough to realise i needed help, or without my family namely my mum and dad who helped me on that first baby step towards recovery. It does make me feel relieved not to mention proud of myself that I was able to reverse the course I had set for myself, It’s quite possibly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do or still do in fact since it never quite leaves you until you learn to control it and manage it.

I have a chance now to be who I want to be, To strengthen friendships and to finally make a better life for myself and for that I’ll always be eternally grateful to everyone who has helped me through this.


Thank you for reading



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My Permanent Sobriety 5 Months And Counting

I had always thought what it might be like to under go treatment for addiction, or in my case alcohol addiction because I had a strong fondness for beer. I would always drink my alcohol of choice way too quick ergo I would want more and then I would be well away getting completely off my face. The curiosity came about when I would try to kid myself that if I ever had a problem that I would be able to handle it by myself or be able to catch it in time and stop it becoming a real problem, then I would often think about people who needed the help who had to turn to their local substance misuse services and arrogantly thinking to myself that I would never let myself get like that or ever develop an addiction.

The punchline is that I did develop an addiction to alcohol, a fairly serious one with the added complication of being a type 1 diabetic on top of that. As you can imagine the implications of what an alcohol condition combined with diabetes is unpleasant, but its something you never contemplate when you’re in the throes of addiction. As if you thought about it you would be forced to think about the side effects, but then when you do that you think you may have to quit which is something you absolutely don’t want to do when all you think about is where you can get your next drink.

I was fairly lucky in retrospect that I managed to get help and stop drinking fairly early 27/28 years of age, before any damage that had been done to myself would become permanent or seriously damaging. It still scares me to think back from 5 years ago when it all started up, to now and thinking about all that alcohol I consumed, and possibly what state would I have been in 15-20 years down the line, it’s absolutely terrifying.

Everything came to a head where even I could see that I wasn’t even drinking for the taste anymore, I was drinking because I felt I had to, I felt that it treated my anxiety, when I was drinking I didn’t feel lonely anymore and so on and so forth. That was the time that I realised I needed help and was ready and accepting of help because if you don’t really want to quit then no one can really help until you ‘accept’ it yourself. I went through that as well, I had attended an appointment at the local substance misuse service centre and said my ultimate goal was to ‘cut down’ on my drinking to a sensible level, which was a challenge I accepted, full of energy that I was going to make a change in my life.

The problem here is that I never attended another appointment and spiralled even deeper into myself, isolating myself even more because when you have alcohol what else do you need? It seems silly now having taken myself out of that, but at the time when your that desperate for relief, the want to forget about the world around you?

It seems like the most important thing in the world.

Which makes me proud that I got help and that I managed to quit and have that personal life goal of maintaining my abstinence from beer permanently, there’s no cutting down or drinking on certain days because that just won’t work with me, recognising that and even  sometimes when you think id like to have a beer I don’t, as you have made a commitment to yourself. The next step in my journey is to get to know myself again, to reacquaint with the person I once knew, which is scary as it’s the unknown but at the same time its turning that unknown into something positive because you can finally be who you want to be.

Being able to talk about it and own it is something that I’ve worked very hard on and it is the reason that I decided to write about my problems today, to have that mental release and to maybe give you the lovely readers a glimpse into the mind of a recovering alcoholic.

*Forgot to mention that The workers at my substance misuse service have been absolutely brilliant and that I would have been lost without them


Thank you for reading



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Wolfenstein: The New Order, A Look Back At Greatness

Wolfenstein the new order is a perfect throwback to the time of crazy gun fights, explosions and nazi robot dogs by the infinite bucket load. This time however a coherent story is thrown into the mix along with likeable characters and a protagonist so fridge like that he can take absolutely anything thrown at him, bullets? Childs play, Rockets? A trifle, Nazi Robot dogs, Walking battle robots and secret Moon Bases? All fall by the way side from the onslaught of B.J Blaskowicz.

Thats the fine line this game treads, with all the crazy it throws at you, its told in such a way that you believe it, every single word of it. Thats the beauty of it, amid the chaos of double shotgun and laser weapon battles that the game hip thrusts into your face the story pushes you further along than the combat could by itself. The voice acting is top-notch bringing the story to life and bringing characters that we as players can connect with, a far cry from the stereotypical walking fridge tank that makes up most first person shooter protagonists these days.

The fact that this is one of the few games that has no multiplayer component works in Wolfenstein’s favour. There is no divergence of attention between a half-hearted story and a lazy attempt at a fun multiplayer mode, there is a singular focus to deliver a riveting first person experience and the publisher and developer should be commended with going what was in this day an age classed as a risky move.

However for those gamers with severely clogged up hard drives you should be warned that this will take a serious chunk out of what memory you may have left, a whopping 50 gigs.

The downside with Wolfenstein, the same that afflicts many games of its type is its replayablility, which is somewhat limited. Unless backtracking for the obligatory collectibles that the game boasts then there is not a lot for the player to go back to after completion.

Aside from that, you absolutely can’t go wrong by picking this up.



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The Last Of Us Remastered PS4 An Appreciation


Wow Its certainly been a while since I’ve last blogged. I cannot help feeling that its like a dilapidated old house that is in need of a refurbish to bring it back up to par, so I have decided to write about “The Last Of Us” a game by Naughty Dog of Uncharted fame (and many other things which you should definitely go look up).

Its been one of the few games lately that has sparked a real excitement in me, it didn’t feel a run of the mill job where profits were put in front of creative effort and fun. Its not often that I have completed a game 4 times in a relatively short-ish amount of time and not feel bored, because there were often things that I missed and wanted to go back and explore, or even just to drink in the wonderful visuals that the upgraded version on the PS4 showers your eyeballs with.

But before I get too ahead of myself I should talk about what the game is, its a 3rd person action/stealth/horror game, but lets ignore that for now.

The story concerns a bacterial infection which has spread across the globe at an alarming rate, ushering in the possible doom of the human race. The infection in question makes anyone highly aggressive much like its zombie brethren in other fiction, yes its one of those settings where the world is on its downwards teeter on the cliff of no return into the sea of extinction, but to be honest the main draw of the story is about the interactions with the characters and the characters themselves. What they have been through and how it has shaped them as people, sure the world is falling apart but I want to see where our characters relationship (Joel) with his charge (Ellie) develops throughout the course of their exploits in the game.


Its not often you see a game with as many strong female leaders as this does, but what makes it extra special is that none of them are Clichés, they are not (putting It crudely here) tits for show or the damsels in distress. They are real people getting by in an increasingly savage world which is refreshing in an industry that is pre-disposed (perhaps a little less so these days) to glorifying and objectifying women than taking them seriously. And they are brilliantly brought to life by the likes of Ashley Johnson (Ellie), Annie Wersching (Tess) and Merle Dandridge (Marlene).

That’s not to say that there aren’t great male performances either, Our main character Joel played by Troy Baker does a brilliant job as a gruff man who lost his daughter at the start of the outbreak, very little issue with what needs to be done to survive whether that be killing, stealing or whatever which can leave for a peculiar moral grey zone as you end up asking yourself would I have done that? Or you might also consider the context of societies break down where perhaps you would have no choice but to revert to being nasty and opportunistic to stay alive? Which is really gripping and utterly absorbing as you get taken along the path that the story takes you so you can find out the answers to those questions, if there are any at all.

Now for me personally I want to give a special mention to Nolan North, I freely admit that this could be me completely fanboying out (During a game of Saints Row 4 you had the opportunity to give your character Nolan North’s voice, you can bet your ass I chose it!) but I thought he was especially brilliant doing his dark turn playing the sinister “David” This might seem a little bit strange but its because he’s mainly known for his work as a good guy or at least a positive character, his performance was on point and deeply disturbing, from the beginning where you were not sure of his intentions to his outright creepiness when he imprisons Ellie you certainly wont forget him in a hurry.


The Last Of Us is a great game and im super happy to have finally got on board with the millions of other people who have played and loved this game, if you have never had the chance to play this before I thoroughly recommend that you check it out (The remastered edition in particular on PS4)

Its good to be back 🙂


Thanks for Reading





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A Journey Through Destiny A.K.A Call Of Haloborderdutylands


So here we have Destiny, the latest shooter to be created by Bungie and published by evil overlords Activision. With a massive budget behind it and plans to support it for years to come, these guys have bet everything but the kitchen sink on the presumed success of Destiny, and has it paid off?

Ehhh Kind of….

The game clearly has elements of call of duty, borderlands and of course Halo hence the posts title, while this is not a bad thing in itself but you can’t help seeing glaring parts of each game mashed together, such as the special abilities/powers from borderlands and Similarities of the enemies of Destiny to Halo, for example the Fallen Vandals are Elites and the Dregs could conceivably be Grunts. Now I think we can all agree…. Or mostly agree that Halo was a fun game and that using the lessons learnt from its development is not a bad thing right?

vandal elite

(Destiny-Vandal  Elite-Halo)

I have to object to the possibility that this feels like a re-skinned Halo mash-up, granted an extremely beautiful mash-up but it feels lazy and uninspired. This is made worse by the barely fucking their “story” of which you initially get the impression you’ve been dumped in a universe surrounded by darkness and danger, then it quickly descends into you must find this magical thing, then go to this place and find the other magical thing etc etc.


(Destiny-Dreg  Grunt-Halo)

Then, before you know it you’ve found “The Heart Of Darkness” which controls a nasty race of machines (from the Terminator perhaps..) go blow that up then oop end of game……

The whole process of the misleading start of the story campaign to the ending credits takes 4-6 fucking hours! For something billed as an MMORPG as well as a shooter this is absolutely inexcusable and at full damn price too, upwards of 80 odd pounds for the stupid limited edition its daylight robbery. You’re essentially paying for what the game might turn out to be rather than the game in its current state, case in point we initially get hyped because apparently we can do battle across the solar system in an epic quest to… yadeyada, turns out there are only 2 fucking planets (Mars and Venus) and the moon to do stuff on, I don’t count earth as that is where you start and who wants to explore earth when you’re promised an adventure across space, shooting aliens and other creatures in the face?


(Not bad for a game I’ve been bitching about!)

The endgame content is a complete shambles in my opinion also, essentially its do missions with increasing difficulty and co-op plus multiplayer in the form of deathmatches and other modes which you could compete in during the story anyway, rinse and repeat a hundred hyper-billion times and you have what the game considers a good way of holding your attention until the over priced DLC comes out.

So after all my bitching and complaining do I still have the game and am I still playing? Yes….. In fact nearly max level and still playing it somewhat, this is where I think Activision have stepped in with their experience of the call of duty franchise, they’ve perfected the art of creating “digital crack” You don’t feel any great sense of pleasure or fun from playing the game, but you feel compelled to keep playing in the hope of getting better armour and weapons, that carrot constantly gets dangled in front of you, oh do you want the shiny exotic equipment?! Well then you’d better keep playing for the chance to find some!

After all that what did I like about the game? The action is competently done, the graphics are stunning and co-op play is always fun but these features are so “safe” that there actually extremely boring to talk about, hence the tiny time given to them by yours truly.

Oh and one more thing, the voice acting sucks, if you’re going to get big name actors in to do voice overs, make sure they can VOICE-ACT because peter dinklage is awful and bill nighy sounds half asleep and disinterested in his role that it begs the question why should I care about the story if he isn’t even trying?


the game will make you feel dirty for playing it, but you’ll keep coming back for more….

just, try and get it on the cheap.


Thanks for reading





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Movie Time: The Purge

purgeI had high hopes for this movie, ever since I saw the trailer years ago… Or what feels like years ago.

It was such a brilliant concept for a thriller, in the not too distant future where every year you have a 12 hour period where all crime is legal, even murder. How it could explore the human condition and given the option between “freeing the beast” as he movie puts it or keeping to yourself and not committing any crime at all.

Of course another question would be how did society ever get to the point that the “Purge” became a viable and accepted idea to cure their ills. Also what are the new founding fathers that get mentioned a few times at the start and the end of the film? Soulless dictators who seized power of the USA? The amount of questions you could ask about the film and its story is rather large which to me speaks of the subject matters potential, but do any of them get answered in any satisfactory form? Not even in the slightest…

The film follows a family of the typical class of rich Americans who seemingly have the perfect life and everything they could ever want, that’s another avenue to their credit they do explore a little bit during the film. The purge essentially kills off the poor and homeless who can’t afford to protect themselves while the rich stay inside their houses with full on panic mode safety lock down systems to keep them safe while all hell breaks loose outside. So essentially the purge isn’t designed to let humans vent their primal aggression so as to limit crime to one day of the year, its to eliminate the low earners homeless viewing them as low as parasites.

And there is our main conflict of the film, our family the “Sandins” are locked down tight with there very expensive security systems when there dipshit son opens it all up to let this one bloodied up man inside, he is on his own yelling about being chased when we can quite clearly see that no one is around.

Now you might think im being harsh calling the son a dipshit but hold off on your judgement until the end.

This bloodied up stranger turn out to be a homeless man on the run from a gang of what seem to be crazy rich kids hell-bent on “cleansing the earth of the homeless filth” at a glance you would think that they believe in their own hype and it is their duty to purge the less fortunate and less affluent among society. So here comes the choice that gets presented to our intrepid family, give up the man and save your family, or don’t comply and the gang of psychotic preps kill everyone inside the house, so perhaps now you can see that the kid who let the guy in the first place is a dipshit, but for the right reason.

This whole conflict is the premise of the movie, talk about your giant let-downs.

It’s competently done but it’s so insubstantial you’ll stop caring by the time you get to the end of the movie. The moral dilemma only bubbles to the surface once the family have shot and tied up the homeless man in a bid to save themselves, what makes them think is pressing on the gun shot wound the man sustained in his attempted escape which forces them to look at what they are doing. It is at this point they decide not to give him up and fight, in the resulting chaos and gun fights the dad of the household gets stabbed and killed.

Tally one in the dipshit column for his dipshit son.

If it feels like I skimming the movie entirely and leaving important bits out don’t worry, you feel like that during the entire film, one way id choose to put it is that its like watching a proof of concept rather than a fully fleshed out movie.

It’s such an interesting idea and the back story could have made for a much more interesting film, so yes it is a let down. However id recommend watching it on the cheap or on a streaming service if you can find it as the ideas and potential that oozes from it is worth talking about.

Thanks for reading 🙂





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Games With Gold: Crimson Dragon


Games with gold is a promotion for the Xbox 360 and X1 where you get 1-2 free games a month if you have a gold subscription to its Xbox live service.

Crimson Dragon is one of this months free game on the Xbox one, without the promotion I wouldn’t have even given the game a 2nd thought, and because its free there was no excuse not to give it a whirl.

So after loading it up you cant help but get a nostalgic feeling for the games of old because it feels very much like a game of yesteryear (which could be a compliment or insult depending on your outlook). Unfortunately that does apply to the visuals, it’s not a pretty game, for a next-gen platform like the Xbox One that is a definitive cross against its name… Or it would be if it wasn’t free. I will try to not keep going back to “its free” as the game should be judged on its merits rather than price tag.

Its nostalgic design is a plus for me as it took me back to a time of the Sega Saturn or the Dreamcast, bringing good memories to the fore. Terrible story, weird dialogue and limiting gameplay it’s all there, celebrating the awful in a so bad its good kind of way.

It’s an on rails shooter (you only concentrate on shooting bad guys while the game takes care of the majority of the movement) which you don’t see many of now-a-days. All you do is fly around on a pre-determined path shooting monsters with a loose “story” to tie things up, plus some bonus objectives for each mission that’ll require a million and one replays to make sure you haven’t missed anything (or only a few retries if you have the reflexes of a caffeine addled ninja).

There are some nice little touches where you can buy dragons and other stuff in-between missions at HQ which acts as a Hub. Yes it is kind of cool that you can buy dragons, train them up and then evolve them like a less fluffy version of Pokemon but as far as i can tell the selection of dragons is very limited and you can happily complete the game with the dragon you started with as there’s no incentive or reason to try the others, unless you count achievements.

However if you don’t count yourself as a part of the achievement whore brother/sisterhood then you’ll find precious little here to keep your attention. If you just count the laughable story then it’s roughly 2-3 hours long and then after that if you really want you can try the multiplayer which I haven’t tried and am in no rush to do so. One final thing I have to mention is the fairly prominent micro-transactions which come in the form of jewels which in turn you can use to buy item packs to boost your dragon and to give you extra items.

To be blunt if you need boosts to finish this game even on its most difficult setting then its safe to say you are blind and have lost the function of both your hands, avoid!

In closing, the fact that they charged £16 for this before games with gold is a rip off, this might be worth £6-8 at most, being free now though it is worth a look even if it’s just out of morbid curiosity, pay nothing for a few hours being lightly entertained?

You can’t complain about that

Thank you for reading




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