The Perils Of Alcohol Addiction

It is a strange feeling when you finally admit to yourself that you have a problem. It is only recently that I managed to admit it to myself that I had come to rely on alcohol once again to get me through the tough times of life. No matter how many times it happens it never gets any easier, what you think you know and what you know you should do go right out of the window.

Thats where I find myself, finally get to a point where enough is enough, i can’t take much more and I want it gone, done and dusted.

Its been a long ride to get to this point where I was secret drinking and trying to pass myself off as normal. But to no avail, and then when finally admitting I need help publicly, I was overwhelmed with nice and encouraging messages by my friends. It touched me deeply, you don’t realise how much your friends care when you are lost to the pits of isolation.

So it was a wonderful balm to the soul to hear the kind words that I did when i admitted seeking help and treatment for my alcoholism.

Ill be sure to keep blogging along my treatment journey, but to anyone who may be in a similar boat, believe in your friends, they can often be the life boat that you need to keep going.

After my first group session today, the feeling I Had was one of receiving a hug and that everything would be ok.

Thank you to my friends and family I love you all


Thanks For Reading



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1 Response to The Perils Of Alcohol Addiction

  1. That’s a lovely post. Well done you for admitting it and dealing with it. It’s a tough one, but not so tough if you yourself are tough if that makes sense. Keep blogging, keep with the friends and keep going. It’s great! Well done you! Katie

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