Journey – The Beginning

IMG_6652Staring off into the distance, I could never imagine where this journey of mine would take me. The shining light at the peak of that lone mountain top seems so far away, would I ever reach it? No matter what, I had to try, something was calling me and I had to answer. As it turns out there were others of my kind embarking on the same Journey as myself, I had always lived an isolated life, should I avoid them? Go with them as travelling companions?

No, I won’t think about that now, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Sliding down the large sand dunes never stops being fun, gliding through the glistening sand with the wind whipping my cloak, It’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Drinking in this world of mine, its utter perfection and beauty. Already i’m forgetting about the arduous task ahead of me, do I really have to do this? Would it really be so bad if I turned around now as I haven’t travelled far, and went home? As if to answer my question Some ruins came into view but it wasn’t that which caught my eye, it was the curiously shaped tablet situated on the roof. I can’t fully explain what came over me but I felt an inexorable pull towards it, as if something was missing in my being and whatever that tablet was could soothe that ache.

IMG_6653Blimey, something actually happened! It started to glow, then symbols of light started pouring from the tablet to impart a gift. That gift was the power of flight, it also had the effect of steeling my soul for the remainder of the journey. Nothing else mattered other than to reach the peak of the mountain, but what is this? I seemed to have grown a scarf? Ah this is what allows me to fly, eager to move on I leapt off the roof in majestic flight, right up until I plummeted back to the ground. This flight malarkey seems to have a limited capacity, I wonder if there is any way to lengthen it.

While throwing errant thoughts around in my head not paying full attention to the direction I was going I stumbled onto this…


I’m going to need a bigger scarf…..


Thank you for reading

Next part coming soon



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3 Responses to Journey – The Beginning

  1. Karl Weller says:

    Really REALLY need to play this. It’s one of those games that reasons unbeknownst to me I just keep passively putting off.

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