Movie/TV Time: Halo Nightfall Part 1

Its been a while since I’ve plonked my arse on the sofa and watched a dvd so I thought I would bring you lovely readers along with me for the ride as we watch together a film based off the smash hit xbox game “Halo” oddly enough called…..


Previous Halo live action films and shorts have always carried an air of melodrama, It has its roots in video games but christ you will take us seriously. Nightfall is no different.

We start with a wistful looking man overlooking a rain-soaked city cloaked in the dim glow of a sunset… Or rise while he monologues about the whys and the hows of being a soldier, all while holding his young daughter, its like there actively ticking every action man cliché but you know what? I bloody love it.

The cheese meter goes down a couple of notches after we get a brief text explanation on the back story of the Halo universe (Big war between the humans and Aliens also known as the covenant, results in the near extinction of humanity but it manages to all end peacefully) then we meet our main hero of the film “Locke” an agent of ONI (Secret intelligence) as his team are on the trail of a suspected smuggler while they exchange witless banter, seriously 99% of his ONI team are total unlikable dicks, so I very much look forward to their timely demise!


It’s during those moments that we get our first glimpse of our alien adversaries the covenant in the shape of an “Elite” who looks so out-of-place in the forest that it seriously risks breaking immersion, the smuggler however looks made up properly however like an alien off star trek so a big thumbs up for that one.

Things quickly descend into tits up territory as the elite is suspected to be carrying a bomb and it looks like his/her/its? target is the nearby human city of Sedra (Hate that name)

They track the Elite into a local Mall, how no one in and around the mall noticed a 7+ ft blue alien and not raise the alarm is beyond me. The bomb “detonates” and a biological weapon is unleashed in the city, although the shadowy aliens thus far could have sent in a troop of babies to do the job and that would have been as successful, such is the utter ineptitude of the local security forces. Hello? Theres a giant blue alien on the loose? Stuff the tiny pistols and use the big boy weapons!


Things are looking up however, the cliché meter has started to rise again! It seems this biological agent only kills humans and “No one has seen anything like this” and as one ONI man says “The covenant have found there holy grail” please movie stick with this amount of cheese, its delicious!

But before we can continue with the cheese lets stop for a moment to appreciate a luke warm at best interrogation attempt of the smuggler who gave the elite the “bomb” literally 3 punches thrown by the local colonel then Locke and ONI turn up and speak the aliens language, boom he breaks.

Just imagine if they put the smuggler into Jack Bauer’s care….

So from this rough housing interrogation we find out that the weapon used on the city originated on the very first halo ring from the game, but to investigate it would be “breaking every rule in the book!”

Surprisingly we are treated to a genuinely touching scene where the Sedran’s Colonel Aiken is by his daughters bedside as she too got affected by the biological attack. This moment gets promptly ruined when Locke turns up asking for the Sedrans help in getting to the broken Halo and promptly nuking it.


The rules be damned! Lets nuke something!



To Be Continued ————->     Part 2: Lets Blow Something Up

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