It Never Ends

Or so it seems….

Alongside my documented addiction problem I have been dealing/managing with type 1 diabetes, and lately it has started to get on top of me.

So hopefully you’ll forgive me another vent!

Dealing with diabetes is a big job in of itself as you will need to keep tabs on your blood glucose levels, is the level too high or too low? How will i correct it, should I be giving myself a correctional insulin dose or leave it to see if it comes down? What if I give myself too much insulin and suffer a hypoglycemic attack? You start to get a snippet of what it takes to manage this horrible disease (that was only a snippet of the thought processes I could have written but that would have been another post entirely).

It grinds away at you mercilessly its one of the reasons why I don’t beat myself up for developing an addiction to alcohol, it provided a temporary relief from the everyday consideration of your disease by way of making you forget anything was wrong, which is incredibly dangerous considering the ramifications of pursuing that particular method of “comfort”

It is all too easy to forget and/or play down how hard it is to manage diabetes, as my doctor told me once, for all our advances in treatment we are still using relatively blunt instruments to treat it.

It’s why I will always have serious admiration for people who have suffered with type 1 or 2 for 30+ years, that is a hell of an achievement one I think that only fellow diabetics can truly appreciate as they are living through it themselves. They have seemingly found a way to cope with the condition which one day I will find and hopefully pass it on as we’re all in this together.

So if you see someone you know who has diabetes and looks to be struggling or whose mood may be a little “off” take a thought to remember how difficult it is/can be to manage the disease while trying to live your life, just be there for them it doesn’t have to be much but from a personal viewpoint just knowing someone is there helps the feelings of loneliness that can creep in.

Thank you for reading this little vent 🙂

I definitely feel better!




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