Wolfenstein: The New Order, A Look Back At Greatness

Wolfenstein the new order is a perfect throwback to the time of crazy gun fights, explosions and nazi robot dogs by the infinite bucket load. This time however a coherent story is thrown into the mix along with likeable characters and a protagonist so fridge like that he can take absolutely anything thrown at him, bullets? Childs play, Rockets? A trifle, Nazi Robot dogs, Walking battle robots and secret Moon Bases? All fall by the way side from the onslaught of B.J Blaskowicz.

Thats the fine line this game treads, with all the crazy it throws at you, its told in such a way that you believe it, every single word of it. Thats the beauty of it, amid the chaos of double shotgun and laser weapon battles that the game hip thrusts into your face the story pushes you further along than the combat could by itself. The voice acting is top-notch bringing the story to life and bringing characters that we as players can connect with, a far cry from the stereotypical walking fridge tank that makes up most first person shooter protagonists these days.

The fact that this is one of the few games that has no multiplayer component works in Wolfenstein’s favour. There is no divergence of attention between a half-hearted story and a lazy attempt at a fun multiplayer mode, there is a singular focus to deliver a riveting first person experience and the publisher and developer should be commended with going what was in this day an age classed as a risky move.

However for those gamers with severely clogged up hard drives you should be warned that this will take a serious chunk out of what memory you may have left, a whopping 50 gigs.

The downside with Wolfenstein, the same that afflicts many games of its type is its replayablility, which is somewhat limited. Unless backtracking for the obligatory collectibles that the game boasts then there is not a lot for the player to go back to after completion.

Aside from that, you absolutely can’t go wrong by picking this up.



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