Movie Time: The Purge

purgeI had high hopes for this movie, ever since I saw the trailer years ago… Or what feels like years ago.

It was such a brilliant concept for a thriller, in the not too distant future where every year you have a 12 hour period where all crime is legal, even murder. How it could explore the human condition and given the option between “freeing the beast” as he movie puts it or keeping to yourself and not committing any crime at all.

Of course another question would be how did society ever get to the point that the “Purge” became a viable and accepted idea to cure their ills. Also what are the new founding fathers that get mentioned a few times at the start and the end of the film? Soulless dictators who seized power of the USA? The amount of questions you could ask about the film and its story is rather large which to me speaks of the subject matters potential, but do any of them get answered in any satisfactory form? Not even in the slightest…

The film follows a family of the typical class of rich Americans who seemingly have the perfect life and everything they could ever want, that’s another avenue to their credit they do explore a little bit during the film. The purge essentially kills off the poor and homeless who can’t afford to protect themselves while the rich stay inside their houses with full on panic mode safety lock down systems to keep them safe while all hell breaks loose outside. So essentially the purge isn’t designed to let humans vent their primal aggression so as to limit crime to one day of the year, its to eliminate the low earners homeless viewing them as low as parasites.

And there is our main conflict of the film, our family the “Sandins” are locked down tight with there very expensive security systems when there dipshit son opens it all up to let this one bloodied up man inside, he is on his own yelling about being chased when we can quite clearly see that no one is around.

Now you might think im being harsh calling the son a dipshit but hold off on your judgement until the end.

This bloodied up stranger turn out to be a homeless man on the run from a gang of what seem to be crazy rich kids hell-bent on “cleansing the earth of the homeless filth” at a glance you would think that they believe in their own hype and it is their duty to purge the less fortunate and less affluent among society. So here comes the choice that gets presented to our intrepid family, give up the man and save your family, or don’t comply and the gang of psychotic preps kill everyone inside the house, so perhaps now you can see that the kid who let the guy in the first place is a dipshit, but for the right reason.

This whole conflict is the premise of the movie, talk about your giant let-downs.

It’s competently done but it’s so insubstantial you’ll stop caring by the time you get to the end of the movie. The moral dilemma only bubbles to the surface once the family have shot and tied up the homeless man in a bid to save themselves, what makes them think is pressing on the gun shot wound the man sustained in his attempted escape which forces them to look at what they are doing. It is at this point they decide not to give him up and fight, in the resulting chaos and gun fights the dad of the household gets stabbed and killed.

Tally one in the dipshit column for his dipshit son.

If it feels like I skimming the movie entirely and leaving important bits out don’t worry, you feel like that during the entire film, one way id choose to put it is that its like watching a proof of concept rather than a fully fleshed out movie.

It’s such an interesting idea and the back story could have made for a much more interesting film, so yes it is a let down. However id recommend watching it on the cheap or on a streaming service if you can find it as the ideas and potential that oozes from it is worth talking about.

Thanks for reading 🙂





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