The Art Of Whinging And Complaining

Yelling_at_Laptop-300x200Everyone loves a good old whinge don’t they? Something that the person sees as an affront to them personally so they feel the need to vent that frustration randomly, or even at or to the particular thing that has caused this great personal distress in the hope that it either solves everything or far more likely make you feel like the universe is against you and it’s not your fault.

However this descends often into complete lunacy, no where in my opinion is this illustrated when you find yourself playing video games online against people around the world or from your own country. Although to be fair I’d wager that everyone at some stage or another has indulged in it as much as the next person (myself included!) I think this is different to real world examples of moaning because often that can be taken as someone being miss-informed about something which you absolutely believe in, but may not be fully aware of the circumstances.

I don’t believe that reasoning can be applied to moaning and complaining in gaming I feel because your playing by the tightly laid out rules created by the games creator/developer, It’s not as overly influenced by outside forces as you would see in real life. This doesn’t stop people crying foul and that this game brought to life by various art assets and complicated coding is somehow sentient and is out to cheat the player out of winning the game.

You might think that sounds ludicrous, but it happens all the time, especially if you play a lot online.

QuitWhiningMaybe this is more prevalent in gaming because it’s a lot more competition based and some just absolutely don’t want to admit failure on their part and are only too willing to blame the game mechanics itself.

If you watch a lot of YouTube you might be aware of a you tuber who calls himself DarkSydePhil A.K.A DSP who is notorious for his ability to deflect criticism of his play style and failures on to anything else but him. Don’t get me wrong he isn’t an exception, but an entertaining summary of everything stupid with whining at games they are not very good at.

Classic examples:

The game cheated…. This one I’ve thought before but never said out aloud, you don’t see where or how you fucked up (most of the time) ergo the game must have cheated me because it is alive and is actively being a bastard towards me. Which is plainly ridiculous, unless the developer actively hates games and wants you to suffer, believe me there are one or two examples of that through history.

Rubber Band A.I. can be blamed for a lot of this, you dominate a game then after a time the A.I. comes roaring back and becomes the equivalent of God on steroids, seriously fuck rubber banding.

Another excuse is, “I pressed the button but it didn’t do anything!”

Now this could be a result of a controller malfunction owing to its age or the damage its taken from being flung at the walls several times a month, but 99% of the time it’s no you didn’t press the (correct) button you fucked it up, deal with it. This one particularly gets on my tits as it’s a pre-school level complaint, if you’re going to moan about the controller being against you then think of something creative!

3_halo1One that made me laugh was back in my school days when myself and a few friends would play local 4 player multiplayer on Halo for the original Xbox. So there we were dicking around trying to glitch the map we were playing on etc, just generally approaching the game like a sandbox finding stuff to do. Then we start to get bored and shoot each other and one of my friends gets blown up and promptly complains that the cross hair (Aiming Aid) was to big so that why his character died….. Never let him forget that as that’s quite possibly one of the barmiest complaints I’ve ever heard.

At least he never claimed that he pressed a button and it did the opposite of what its supposed to do, that’s a very odd one in of itself. It just doesn’t happen, what occurred is that you pressed the wrong button without realising it.

Overall while it can be fun to mock this type of behaviour, it gets very tedious real fast. No one likes that person who can’t admit fault and blames everything on anything other than themselves.

Ok I realise im getting very bitter at the moment so to try to lighten it up at the end I shall leave you with a montage video from the you tuber BigShowRoolz as a part of the “This Is How You Don’t Play” series of videos. This one in particular is how you don’t play Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U (Not so much for bad play, but for the subject of the videos god awful attitude). however I defy you to not laugh while you watch it with the thought at the back of your head constantly going “You Fucking Tit/Idiot”



Thanks for reading!










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