Here Come The Zombies In Dead Rising 3!

Apologies again for the long delays in posting, health issues etc. Thankfully that seems to be improving and also along came something i actually wanted to talk about.

Ladies And Gentlemen, I present to you “Dead Rising 3”

2305696-169_deadrising3_ebxdemo_gp_au_100513This is a series that harkens back to the birth of the Xbox 360 right up to the launch of the Xbox One, to put it simply it’s a game that dumps you into a ruined location filled with a bazillion zombies and a seemingly unlimited supply of toys to dispatch them. The concept is simple but it’s utterly brilliant and indulges in that base human instinct of wanting to fuck around and use your imagination playing the game, of course that using your imagination within the limitations of the game but it does give you a lot of leeway with how you want to complete missions, massacre zombies, you can even ignore the main story missions and just mess around exploring until the end of the pre-determined time limit.

This is all pulled off with a darkly comedic undertone which can produce hilarious moments in sometimes gruesome situations. For instance you could very easily dress up a male character in women’s clothing and vice versa and wearing a floral sun hat while wielding double chain saws, its ridiculous in the extreme but you can’t help but love it.

All of this carries over to Dead Rising 3 of course with a little extra on the top owing to the extra power of the next-gen consoles. The game looks absolutely stunning, although admittedly the visuals don’t look quite as spectacular when you’re in a river of zombies covered in viscera and gore, not that the textures downgrade it’s just that can scenes that are heavy on the gore ever be called “beautiful”? Even with next-gen shiny graphics? In my opinion no it can’t.

deadrs3That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the spectacle of it! When you dress up your character like I did in a fireman’s outfit with massive platform shoes, a sombrero with reading glasses, you can’t help laugh when you see this utterly mad figure dealing out swift violent justice to a legion of zombies single-handed.

The zombies are not the only thing you will be contending with, making their appearances again are the mini-bosses aptly named, Psychopaths. These generally act as experience point boosts and often serve as a mini difficulty spike, but what makes these battles really stand out is that these….. “People” are seriously demented, people who have been driven psychotic by the destruction that the zombies have wrought. These range from an Obese woman on a scooter determined to eat herself to death while trying to kill anyone who tries to share the food, half-naked cowboys with a gun called “The Lust Cannon” or one of the most disturbing was a demented doctor who is determined to dissect people and take the organs while there still alive.

what makes that one extra horrific is his death scene where he hallucinates that he’s being eaten by zombies when in actual fact he’s clawing at himself pulling it his own guts… Lets just say that one was a little harder to watch than most.

m_deadrising3_astronautpsychoHowever you can still find humour in dark places, such as the boss fight with the fat woman on the scooter, she’s chucking knives and forks at you, all the while trying to run you down with her scooter and the odd vomiting spell too. What makes the spectacle in this instance is that I had several mini-guns equipped on my person, so there I was gunning down this person on a scooter with a gun designed to spew out lead at an unbelievably fast rate, it’s so ludicrous that you cant help but laugh at the dark humour of it.

You don’t have to use just firearms though, there are huge amounts of melee weapons scattered about with the option to “create” combo weapons with increased effect and lethality, for example if you have motor oil and a broadsword (don’t ask just go with it!) you can create a fire sword, or if you have a toy bear and a light machine gun you can create a teddy bear sentry that routinely spouts lines such as “Lets get it on!” in its faux cutesy voice.

Its impossible not to have fun with this game, I heartily recommend it if you have an Xbox One although it seems its due for release on PC soon also.

Again I highly recommend it you cant go wrong with “Dead Rising 3”

Thank you for reading!




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