Lets Try And Conquer Dark Souls 2 Part 3? (And So Ends The Hiatus)

After a massive Hiatus here we are again, continuing the attempt to beat a dark souls game owing to my ineptitude playing dark souls 1, I will beat dark souls 2 damn it!

I remember what made me stop previously was coming across the ruin sentinel bosses which happened to be a group of 3 fairly tough bosses that you had to dispatch all at once. DS2 thankfully lets you beat the first sentinel without inference before you have to take on the other two. Y’know what it was a lot easier than I had remembered, although that might be down to what power levelling I could do before being forced to face up to the bastards.

Once you realise how much help your fellow player can do to defeat a boss you might be having trouble with you will be looking more and more to them for help. Although if my fellow players knew my record they would refuse to enter my world….. From skewering them with a massive ballistae to getting them killed by the boss I was trying to defeat, using their deaths as distractions to inflict maximum damage upon them. It all worked out for me but whoever accompanies me usually ends up very dead. Although the guys who invade my world to try to kill me? Fuck YOU!

One of my own faults though when facing down one of the various bosses was during a bout where we faced down the executioners chariot (at least I think it was called that) I panicked and sprinted to the right and promptly fell into a huge pit and was insta-killed…. Big Big mistake.

But that is what makes dark souls so good, the many ways you can approach the game. Its something that makes you feel that you the play through you are having is entirely unique from anyone else. Each time you interact with someone else they are there to help you, and feel free to abuse that because It made a few boss fights for me easier, and hey the game has an element of co-op why not use that feature when you can to ease the pain as you go through the game?

Dark souls 2 is also a milestone for me, for I have never been beyond level 100 in any RPG ever! Granted getting to 100+ was easy as anything, it’s still an achievement in its own right! The screwed up thing is, I will still get flattened by many an enemy, so no matter who I encounter there will always be someone stronger than you willing to smash you into paste….

Y’know what though? It doesn’t stop you from playing though because the exploration mechanic is so much fun, if you think there’s some nook and cranny you haven’t explored? the temptation to find more treasure is unbelievable, you endlessly risk death to find more treasure, despite how many times the game fucks you over with stupid death after stupid death.

It’s so tempting that I have very nearly screwed myself over….


But that is for another time!


Thanks for reading




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