Creepy Pasta Barbies DreamHouse

Inspired by Devious Vacuum’s Girl Games LP which you can check out at the link

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First terrible attempt at a creepy pasta

A Creepy Pasta

Barbies SteakHouse

This is the true story of the disappearance of child icon into how she became a plastic doll icon for young girls everywhere


As the previous nights reverie started to lift from barbies head she groggily opened her eyes, only to be met by unfamiliar walls of the hottest pink that you ever did see. Opening her eyes wider and taking in this unfamiliar scene. The walls were decorated in the brightest hottest pink, with fluffy bunny wallpaper, it would be unbearably cute, save for one thing….

The eyes, the eyes were the most prominent features on these otherwise cute and fluffy animals. They were completely dark, staring at them too long would give you the feeling that there’s something inside those orbs of complete black.

Trying to shut out the feeling of dread, Barbie further surveyed the room seeing a winding staircase in the corner of the room, seeing no other way she walked up the stairs taking great care to ignore the soulless staring bunny rabbit wallpaper. As she entered the door at the top of the stairs she stops as she hears the mearest faint of a whisper, with a start she spins round in hope more than anything else to see where that “whisper” came from. Who’s there? She calls out, where am I? One look over the room reveals nothing further out of the ordinary but something didn’t feel right to Barbie. She passed it off as nothing and opened the door infront of her and stepped into the room which had rows and rows of clothes lined up on the wall, as she started to admire the sheer volume of clothing on display she heard the whisper again, this time as if inside her own head.

“Would this become your entire world?”

“Utter Perfection and Adoration….. It is within your grasp”

They were whispered without apparent malice but drenched in honeyed charm and mischief. Who are you? Whispered Barbie her voice reduced to a low quiver as her previous curiosity gave way to fear and loneliness as she grasped the situation she was in.

The voices words coming to the fore of her consciousness, she thought to herself man or woman, who wouldn’t want to be perfect and be adored by all?

She could feel the temptation and desire start to take shape inside her head. Wait a Moment she said who are you to offer me these things? Just who… Or what! Are you?

I am your wishes come true, all you have to do is give yourself to me and follow my every direction and order.

As she mulled this over her eyes settled on a disturbing image on the furthest wall from her, It was of a reindeer….. But it was sitting on its haunches, bearing what teeth it had as if it was staring straight at Barbie. Its lips started to move


“Do as I say and I will grant your every wish, your desires, you dreams, whatever it takes”

The temptation being too great she gave in to the voices honeyed tone.


Without warning her body started to shake and contort in all manner of impossible directions. She screamed as her body started pressing inwards seemingly crushing the breath and as she feared her life. Her body started smoothing out and shrinking into what seemed like a perfect plastic body, after the process was complete all that was left of her was a tiny plastic imitation of her previous body.

This was not what she thought would happen as she tried to scream, however being plastic she had no earthly organs to be able to scream. She was stuck in this form at the whim of whatever had turned her into this plastic shell. She had been tricked, into a life of dress ups and role playing with a fellow victim (Ken) her wish had been granted, but not how she had thought.

Being turned into a female icon that was solely focused on make up and dress up was not what she had in mind, but she was doomed to eternity in this prosthetic body to rule the day that she made a deal with the?…….


Spare a thought for her, if you happen to have a doll like her in your possession, it is said that on certain nights you can hear her soft cries, just aching to be set free from this artificial nightmare.




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5 Responses to Creepy Pasta Barbies DreamHouse

  1. Miss Lou says:

    *shudders* what on earth did I just read?! lol

    I don’t encourage barbies and have in fact asked all friends and family not to ever purchase them for my Daughter.

    Well written (had the desired effect) feeling kind of glad we don’t have any around!


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