Elder Scrolls Online The Insipid Adventures Of Draigar Pt 3


Continuing off from our aquatic fisherman….

That particular quest was polished off in an instant, however these screenshots cant convey the utter brick walls you run in to on your journey. I don’t mind the actual brick walls in the game that you run in to at every turn a half second before the damn thing loads properly, I’m on about the outrageous difficulty spikes. You happily blunder about accepting quests assuming that because you can accept them that you are a high enough level to accomplish them right?


you are able to pick up any quest that you want to regardless of your level, and the quests have an alarming tendency to throw in groups of multiple enemies at you which if you are doing the quest at a low-level, you will get destroyed multiple times and you have to pay for the privilege too as you’ll need to spend some gold to repair your battered and shattered set of armour. This gets frustrating really fast as my poor nord “Draigar” would frequently experience along our journey, getting bullied mercilessly, getting smacked to the ground time after time after time. Poor Draigar and his poor wallet as no matter how many times I would save up, the gold I would studiously try to save up would get decimated by armour repairs.

Another thing on these travels is the feeling that the “levels” of the creatures in the world are meant as a vague yard stick that doesn’t really mean anything. Case in point I absent-mindedly walked into a cave full of giant snakes which were dispatched without too much trouble, then as I delved further hoping to find treasure along came another giant snake called “The Brood Mother” she happened to be lvl 13 and since I was/am an unbeatable lvl 15 dragon knight I thought it would be a simple job to beat her down.

It did not go down like that, I got well and truly creamed, so suitably embarrassed I made a mental note to never return to that cave, or at least not until I was suitably equipped with a giant fuck off sword to enact my vengeance upon it.

The opposite of this phenomenon was witnessed in the region known as “Grahtwood” I initially travelled there at lvl 13-14 only to be met by beasties around about lvl 15-16. So you would be thinking Draigar is facing impending doom right? You’d have thought so, but no these bastards were quite easy to beat, so again what is wrong with the levelling system? Did they just randomly assign numbers to the random monsters and say fuck it! That’ll do?

But hey, with a new region to explore comes different opportunities and rewards to find right? Things such as High Iron which if you smelt it down you can make steel ingots, and since that’s one of the things I like to do (searching for iron deposits and crafting etc) that was a welcome change. Lets forget such trivial matters such as my blacksmithing isn’t high enough to use steel yet, that’s beside the point. What really matters is that its new! Other such additions are of course the new beasties to fight, but it doesn’t really feel that different from the starting region. It’s just more things that get in your way that need a swift dozen or so blade strikes to the face.

But with Grahtwood comes Graht responsibility…..

The new quests have certainly gotten quite a bit harder, no where is this more illustrated than freeing a village from madness where you get assailed at every turn by the daedric prince of madness Sheogorath.

I’m not kidding when I say that this guy is incredibly fucking annoying, he is designed to get in your way and be annoying, considering he’s the prince of madness I guess the designers did their job but Christ keep the contact with him at an absolute minimum.

After bailing on that quest, it was back to exploring and dare I say it treasure hunting. Of course after I’d repaired my armour to the tune of 400 gold pretty much bankrupting me. I promptly got stuck inside some stairs, not some shallow set of stairs but a large steep set which as I walked up I promptly sunk inside it….

something strange

Notice something a bit off where I am right now?


Well, Now there’s a thing…..


To be continued once I figure a way out of the stairs!


Thanks for reading!







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