The Elder Scrolls Online The Intrepid Adventures Of Draigar *ramble*


I love the Elder Scrolls series, from Morrowind to Skyrim they offer hard-core fans the RPG experience they want by the absolute truck load. All following a similar story structure, you are seemingly an insignificant individual chosen by destiny to do great things, all set in a suitably massive open world that encourages exploring to discover what the world has in store for you.

So with such open world freedom and a mind-boggling amount of side quests/activities to do it was only a matter of time before an elder scrolls MMORPG was created, to see if they could tap into that money pit that WoW has had exclusive access to all these years.

For all intents and purposes “Elder Scrolls Online” is your regular RPG experience but with PvP realms and other MMO features tacked on, now considering that the game is still very much in its release phase the game is currently being held together by spit and string as witnessing to its various bugs already, which if im honest are a joy to behold as weird bugs and glitches are a staple of elder scrolls games because there so vast and monolithic in complexity that there will be bugs.

*For example in skyrim I watched a farmers goat gently float up into the air, then plummet to the ground killing itself. Not your everyday occurrence!*

Since the game in structure at least is very similar to the previous iterations, does it feel any different to play? Yes, especially since every man/woman and their donkey will be used to MMO’s played in the first person perspective like WoW or GW2 it takes quite a bit of adjustment. There is a 3rd person viewpoint if you wish, but for me that defeats the point of what makes elder scrolls so compelling, its meant to be played in 1st person rather than with a dodgy camera angle making you unsure whether you’re hitting a monster or thin air.

One of the main strengths however is its fantastic soundtrack, it puts you firmly in the mood for role-playing in this extraordinary world that we have been let loose in. If you need some comparison, it has a hint of lord of the rings crossed with the previous game morrowind, just YouTube it and enjoy because it has quickly become one of my favourite soundtracks of all time.

As I previously mentioned there are still a myriad of bugs (again it being in its release phase its understandable) thankfully no game breaking glitches yet, but I have managed to get myself in a few compromising situations which I might as well share some with you now!

sunk in floor

I am indeed stuck in the floor in this one, I didn’t do anything special to achieve this, I just walked to this forge and then it decided to load properly and got me well and truly stuck. If I hadn’t had any gold to fast travel to a way-shrine then I would have had to make a new character as I was well and truly stuck.

four arm monster

I didn’t mean to suddenly grow an extra pair of arms, this happened as I warped back to town and I ended up melding with another player. Never had that happen to me before!

And finally……

typical convo

The only reason to put this one in was because it made me laugh….. As seriously ask a question like that at the top of the screenshot your just asking for a smart arse response.

These don’t necessarily detract from the game, it actually accentuates what I like about it. This is the actual example of making your own fun, inside a game……. Ok that sounded better in my head, but here the game gives you all the tools and just leaves you too it, granted it would be nice to get a bit more of a helping hand at the start of the game but it’s not a deal breaker.

Here you will have to take your own initiative on how much you want out of this game, and what you want out of this game.

This is an adventure, so go adventuring!


Thanks for reading








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1 Response to The Elder Scrolls Online The Intrepid Adventures Of Draigar *ramble*

  1. hungryandfit says:

    Yes! Currently playing ESO..and loving it!

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