Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Part 2 The Final Hurrah For “Irrational Games”


Well here we are, the final piece of content that Irrational games, the studio headed by the brilliant Ken Levine will ever produce as the studio gradually winds up into nothingness even with the success of “Bioshock Infinite” however this isn’t about lamenting the circumstances where the studio just couldn’t keep its doors open.

we’re here to celebrate their final hurrah with burial at sea part 2 which is a follow-up to part 1 (who’d have thought!) here we play as Elizabeth rather than Booker, owing to the fact that he’s dead, drowned by Elizabeth no less. She brings with her a much different approach to the gameplay as it’s a lot more stealth based, rather than the balls to the wall Booker Dewitt action murder power hour.

The change in mechanics don’t feel out-of-place, never obstructing you from having that traditional Bioshock experience. Although I can’t remember for the life of me if Bioshock 1 was similar to this or not, at least if it was meant to be then that explains me dying a lot from initially trying to brute force my way through certain levels rather than being patient, oh well. However getting back on track “Burial At Sea Part 2” is a rather straight forward quest that can be completed fairly quickly depending on how much you want to explore.

Exploration does get neutered somewhat because of a persistent presence of a roaming big daddy and a load of splicers and hired goons. I will say this though that to compensate, the levels in the game or quite tightly knit together so you wont have to risk so much going off the beaten track to find that elusive audio log or plasmid mod or whatever.

There is always that particular thrill when you get the jump on some fools and are able to take them out without them ever seeing you. Alternatively you run up to them, turn invisible and wait for their alert to disappear, which you then bop them on the head knocking them out. You can exploit that technique quite a bit in the game as there are bonuses that take away the cost of using that particular power (in this case its Peeping Tom).

So that’s all straight forward and fun as you would expect, however……

what really makes it hit home is that this is the curtain call for a brilliant universe created by a group of extremely talented individuals and collectively brought to life by the imagination of gamers around the world. That kind of impact is something you don’t see very often, you might argue games like the call of duty series have a massive impact worldwide on the games industry and gamers alike, and yes while that’s true, it’s a hollow experience that doesn’t leave you with anything other than a bunch of hollow statistics like your Kill-Death Ration or amount of games played or whatever.

The impact of Bioshock is a hell of a lot more meaningful (forget Bioshock 2 as I believe Irrational didn’t make that one). Something that leaves a mark on you for a good long while after you have finished the story, I’m sure im not alone in this that after the final credits had rolled, playing any other game just didn’t feel right, a post bioshock melancholy I think was how “Yahtzee Croshaw” put it, and he is absolutely spot on.

Anything Non-Bioshock just seemed so bland and uninspiring.

That feeling is replicated with Burial At Sea Part 2, as the credits roll for the final time we get treated to a song by Courtnee Draper (who voices Elizabeth) and much like when they did similar during the credits of the main game, it’s a final masterful stroke to seal the emotional ride that we’ve all been on while following Irrational.

So farewell Irrational Games and thank you for the memories


Oh and the DLC is a good bit of content, its well worth taking a look at!





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