Lets Try And Conquer Dark Souls 2 Experiment: Part 2 “The Pursuer”

bmUploads_2013-12-03_7673_ImportantTimingAfter defeating the last giant there was an opportunity to explore places that I’d never dared enter before the fight (owing to my puny warrior).

New areas to explore however come a new set of challenges, namely zombies armed with shields, firebombs and spear like weapons. The zombies armed with shields are insidious bastards, forced me to go against my natural impulse of aggression as if you hit the enemy while the shield is up you do barely any damage, so that’s the way you/I’ve got to play it, slow down and play it a bit more tactically so as not to get humiliated.

no where was this more apparent was when coming across the turtle armoured enemies armed with great big mace type weapons? It definitely doesn’t do well to stay in their range owing to the power and flattening effect of their weapons.

Tanking (absorbing) their blows is a no no as in 2 hits your dead, no ifs, no buts, just dead. Thankfully the rewards for killing them is 250 souls apiece, so it’s definitely worth the risk as the extra souls are invaluable for paying for upgrades to your equipment (Armour, weapons etc). I had to spend a bit of time grinding souls so I could upgrade everything as it turned out I was still for the majority using my starting equipment from the first level, as you could imagine that counts as a significant disadvantage!

2452864-thepursuerHowever there as something I was eager to avoid, and that was to not to get so loaded down with equipment and heavy armour that you start moving slower and the dodge roll becomes a slow lumbering, incredibly unhelpful evade move. That was my problem with Dark Souls 1 I ended up being as agile and quick as an asthmatic slug, which took the fun out of the game somewhat.

Aside from my level and equipment grinding I stumbled across a boss called “The Pursuer” now I have to be honest and say that I did actually find it about 5 minutes after beating the giant, so as a consequence I got completely annihilated multiple times (that’s what precipitated my bout of grinding).

This particular bastard of a boss was my first instance where I dared to try the co-op mechanic of the game. Which is in the form of summoning signs on the ground which allow you to summon players into your world to help you, and I suppose help them as a happy by-product. The first time didn’t turn out so well, we entered the fight and my partner immediately ran off to the other end of the narrow bridge we were fighting on, it took me a second to realise that there were a pair of ballistae situated right where my colleague had run to.

That split second that I had taken my eyes off “The Pursuer” I got immediately clobbered and died, oops.

The next attempt though was far more successful, again I took a random co-op partner with me for the job this time fore-warned about the ballistae so I made a beeline for them straight away so we could finish the boss in seconds rather than the torturous amount of time it would normally take.

And it worked!

…..However I did end up spearing my partner by mistake killing him instantly before I loosed off another ballistae round finishing off the boss, double oops.

After meditating on my mistake….. It was time to get flown off by a giant eagle to a new area called “The Lost Bastille”


I’m scared already…….

Thanks for reading! 🙂

<—— PART 1



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