Lets Try And Conquer Dark Souls 2 Experiment Pt.1

I had no intention of even touching dark souls 2 considering the amount of pain and anguish dark souls 1 inflicted on me.

No way was I letting it hurt me again……

So lets play some Dark Souls 2!


I’m a sucker for the hype, everyone saying how good dark souls 1 was, and inevitably how good dark souls 2 is, so I caved in today and have been playing it for a good 3-4 hours.

And y’know what?

I’ve been really enjoying it so far, previously just getting through darks souls 1 seemed dull, dreary and not much fun to play. After playing through the initial tutorial level the game opens up to an outdoor map that has a bit of colour and is not covered in boring grey, plenty of grime mind you but at least the colour palette is a lot more varied.

(this argument could fall flat as I never completed dark souls, so I possibly missed out on a lot of the ‘better’ levels)

It might be my previous experience with dark souls 1 that its sequel seems a lot more fun to explore? Or is that because I have a little inkling of what to do by way of game mechanics, as the game generally trials you by fire so if you are not so good at a particular move for example the evade roll, it doesn’t teach you and let you practice gently, it hands you the tools and sends you off on your adventure still in nappies forcing you to practice as you go. Perhaps having that trial by fire minus the fire takes away that initial pain you feel when you play the dark souls games for the very first time.


That served me pretty well through out my first play session as I stumbled bleary eyed through caves and forests, exploring as much as I dared (for fear of getting killed by an unseen zombie) slowly learning as I go that I’d better be more careful about staying alive as with each death you lose a slight percentage of your maximum health, which basically means it gets easier to die as you get a progressively shorter and shorter life bar, it’s a pretty evil move.

Another lesson was that as I kept getting hurt in combat, and as I kept using life gems to heal myself back up (restocking from the merchant close-by) I failed to notice that the merchant was getting low on life gems right up until he was out of stock. Bang goes my safety net!

All that forced me to grind enemies until they dropped enough life gems so that I could stockpile a decent amount. That worked pretty well until the enemies stopped respawning after visiting the bonfire safe zones multiple times, I suspect that’s to stop people like me grinding my level so I don’t overpower my character…. Oops

After getting a decent amount of life gems and I plucked up enough courage to adventure on forward through a ruined castle structure (situated in a forested area) I blundered on to the first boss of Dark Souls 2.

The Last Giant


(A giant of a monster with an arsehole for a face)

It’s not a hard as nails boss, but if you lose concentration for even a second you can get killed within 2 hits. Your best bet is to keep diving forward in-between its legs and wailing on his ankles then promptly running away again before he smashes you into a fine paste.

After finally beating him, I wont lie to you it took a good 5-6 tries before finally working the bastard out. I picked up its soul (souls are used for levelling up and buying things) and a key and made my way to the nearest bonfire and saved & quit.

Thus ending my first session of my Dark Souls 2 Experiment, or also known as my Dark Souls Rehab as I genuinely have had a lot of fun which I honestly was not expecting because of my experiences with the first game, perhaps ill revisit it after I’ve finished DS2.

Anyway Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it 🙂

PART 2——->



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