The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 2 “A House Divided”


It’s that time of the month again when we finally get our hands on the next episode of the episodic video game series “The Walking Dead” (based off the comic books not the TV show).

We kick off from where we last left it, Pete (old man) Nick (young skittish man) and Clem running away from a horde of zombies, there was a choice there about which one you can save at the end of the previous episode, I chose to save Nick as Pete had already been bitten so it would have been a waste although just reading that back to myself it does sound rather cold.

After this bit of drama happens Clem and Nick hold up in a shed of sorts where people were previously making homemade whiskey.

Of course the immediate temptation would be to hold out and get pissed on moonshine while waiting for rescue. As any adult might do while looking after an 11 yr old (Clem)….. Ok maybe not, although it seems that fact doesn’t phase Nick because he promptly cracks open the jars/cans of whiskey and has at it. After a whole day of waiting, and nicks drinking, there is no point hanging about anymore so we have to escape. One small problem is that Nick is annihilated and wallowing in self-pity, granted he has just seen his Uncle get killed so perhaps we can give him a free pass on this one.


Once we manage to pull him out of his melancholy they start to make a break for it. The immediate thought that comes to mind is, what kind of help will Nick be since he’s off his tits on whiskey? Turns out it’s as a decoy as he calls the walkers over to him to let Clem make a run for it back to the cabin, will we ever see him again?

Yes….. After going back for him he seems to have gone back into the moonshine barn and drunk himself into a stupor, nice.

But as we turn the clock back to Clem escaping back to the cabin, she alerts the others about what had happened. As a result the others go out looking for the search party that was sent out to find Clem Nick and Pete, but the bitch pregnant lady tells us to our face that she didn’t want them to go out searching for them, bitch right?

We don’t get left all alone however, we are tasked to keep an eye out on Sarah the other little girl in the group, except that she is nowhere near as street smart or as tough as Clem. In fact she is the complete opposite, completely oblivious to the zombie apocalypse around her and hopelessly naïve. It’s because of this that I immediately regretted my decision to teach her how to defend herself by showing her how to use a gun. After showing her the absolute basics she ends up pointing the gun at you….. Thankfully nothing happens but still, it had me worried at the choice I made.

This got interrupted by a stranger scoping out the house, since we were told not to answer the door for anyone what did I do? I let the bastard in, then realising what I had done tried desperately to get him to leave by being bitchy towards him, unfortunately that didn’t work. Even eliciting a response from the guy who called himself “George” telling us how rude we were being for a little girl, all the while he’s rooting through our house without any permission whatsoever so fuck you dude.

Who was this guy?

It turns out his name was actually “Carver” and he is the man who the group is trying to stay away from, so now he knows where they live they are officially screwed if they stay there so they are forced to leave and find somewhere else to stay, all the while staying one step ahead of Carver and his group that are tracking them.


Our groups trek through the mountains to find a new home goes relatively smoothly.

Until we get to a point where we can see an apparently deserted ski resort and a service station house with a bridge connected to it so we can get across and take shelter. All well and good right? Wrong! During the bridge crossing a man appears on the other side and challenges Luke and Clem, after a while the man starts to relax and realises that we’re the good guys. However with the rest of the group bringing up the rear, Nick sees the stranger and assumes Clem and Luke are in trouble and promptly shoots the guy in the neck, the guy that was offering us food and shelter only a minute ago…. oops?

As a side note this is the first real gut wrenching thing to happen in the episode. here’s someone who seems nice and is offering us help in the form of food and shelter, you’re only going to like the guy because of this, and that’s fair enough as not many people in the zombie apocalypse are going to go out of their way to help you before they help themselves. And then someone in our group goes and kills him from a distance because they assumed he was a bad man, ugh.

The group finally make it to the ski resort only to find an old friend waiting for us amongst the survivors who have already taken up resident there.

Its only Bloody Kenny from Season 1! Although now sporting rather a sizeable beard, so you don’t immediately recognise him until you get a good clear glimpse of him. While its nice to see an old face again, this part is quite boring, except for a part where you’re forced to choose where to sit for dinner, next to Kenny? Or next to Luke from your group? It’s like we’re back at school, and the choice doesn’t get any easier even supposedly older and wiser.


While this is going on a great big storm is building up outside and causes the wind turbine outside to spin wild out of control, which incidentally is making an awful racket no doubt attracting every walker in the area for miles around.

I’m getting ahead of myself however….

Remember the guy that the group shot? It turns out that he is the partner of one of the survivors in the ski resort, its eerie how that fact dawns on you over time rather than having it as an outright twist at the end of the episode, bravo writers for that one. It’s yet another gut wrenching moment when his partner finds out and is torn between taking revenge or not….

Back to the inevitable zombie fight, our survivors get saved by the people who are trying to track us down for whatever purpose that may be. It’s during the aftermath that we find out that Carver wants to bring the group back to his camp for some sort of possessive reason… And bring back the pregnant lady as she had cheated on her husband with Carver, so he’s here to bring everyone back which now includes Clem and Kenny into that equation too.

The episode actually ends as they are being taken away, bloody cliff-hangers. Sets up the next episode quite nicely though, leaving the fact out we have to wait a few months for the next one, the wait just isn’t fair!

All in all though it was a good episode, although it seemed a very transitional episode to the real meat of the story. It still brings with it a very good story and as always the character interactions are brilliant as always.

<——- Episode 1

Bring on Episode 3!

Thanks for reading



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7 Responses to The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 2 “A House Divided”

  1. Miss Lou says:

    They made a Game out of it as well?!?
    Oh My goodness, there is no end to the madness – I mean literally the things wont die.. lol

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