The Discovery Of “Sherlock”

sherlock-watson-mycroft-series-2I’m a bit late to the party on this one, Sherlock is a TV series from the BBC that re-imagines the Sherlock Holmes series of crime novels from the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

So why am I late to this particular party? The show has been going on for 4 long years and 3 series, each series consisting of 3 episodes at roughly an hour and a half long. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but each episode is so enthralling, so utterly brilliant that you don’t notice the small amount of episodes. Well, apart from leaving you wanting more.

Its been critically acclaimed an untold number of times, and yet I have only got round to watching it in the past few days. Which is something my friends couldn’t quite believe, how could I not have seen it? To calling me a lucky bastard because I get to experience “Sherlock” completely new, this of course is after series 3 had ended so I suppose they were left with a case of blue balls so to speak. To begin with a watched the first series on my iPhone, quality was brilliant but of course after falling in love with the show there was nothing I could do but buy the season 1-3 box set on DVD the next day after downloading series 1 and 2, what can I say? I’m an impulse buyer!

pg-2-sherlock-bbcOne of my favourite aspects of the show is its impeccable presentation, and what I mean by that is for example how it shows you what Sherlock is thinking during a crime scene, or how it clues us in on the solutions of the various conundrums that Sherlock and Watson have to decipher to bring the various criminal masterminds to justice. From Sherlock breathlessly talking to himself reeling off his observations and musings, while Watson is left to catch up, a road car having to keep up with a sports car if you don’t mind the terrible analogy.

Another thing is that in my opinion it has a certain fantastical air about it, completely unlike any run of the mill forensic-crime shows on TV at this moment. This is magnified a thousand fold by the brilliant performances given by Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Dr John Watson. Cumberbatch gives Sherlock that hyper-intelligent breathlessness as his intellect goes at the speed of light, while his mouth follows a close second often saying some rather inappropriate things. For example during one discussion about a message left by a murder victim he blurts out “Its been ages why when some one is dying there last thoughts would be of their daughter” or words to that effect.

Dr. Watson is Sherlock’s foil in this regard as he is the more grounded of the two, with more social graces that Sherlock turns too if he’s said something bad. He also acts as his assistant on the cases with Sherlock, the chemistry between them is fantastic, really, the casting is absolutely superb.

BDDefinition-Sherlock1-1-1080One of the more well-known of Sherlock’s enemies of course is Moriarty, an equally brilliant mastermind yet decidedly un-hinged. An absolutely chilling and utterly evil man whose only purpose is to cause absolute chaos, all to feel excitement as he gets “Bored” so you can imagine the man is very unpleasant.

One of the more mysterious figures in the world of “Sherlock” is his brother Mycroft, as Sherlock has stated before, Mycroft is essentially THE British government. So we hardly know what he gets up to, or why he does what he does, of course he is almost as brilliant as Sherlock which also makes him a decidedly dangerous man especially given that he is a man who lives in the shadows with no clear intentions, and to me that makes him one of the most intriguing characters in the show.

If, like me you hadn’t watched Sherlock before, then I encourage you to check it out as it is utterly spectacular, you wont regret it.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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4 Responses to The Discovery Of “Sherlock”

  1. m00mba says:

    Glad to hear you have enjoyed it. Now you can join us in waiting for Season 4!

  2. Marta says:

    You are lucky, getting to enjoy it for the first time!

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