The Power Of Dreams And Anxiety

Being able to get proper sleep has been something that’s eluded be for a good few years now. Waking up at 3/4 am regularly and every other hour is definitely not, what you might call a good nights sleep. Previously I would just watch some YouTube videos to tide me over until I started feeling sleepy again, I’m aware that could keep me up as well so lately I’ve been trying to keep it to a minimum so I could get some more sleep, any sleep that was coming my way.

And, yeah I have been getting more frequent sleep, while I still have been waking up, I have been able to fall asleep more for short periods of time, which Is progress…. I think?

The changes that has brought though, is that I have been dreaming far more than I used too. I have dreamt more in the past few works than I have the past few years, which is dis-concerting, but at the same time it could be an indicator of the anxiety I’ve been getting lately, and its been manifesting during my sleep rather than when im awake in panic attacks etc.

Waking up at 4 am, then 6, then every hour after that, normally you might breeze through an hour or so in a casual nap. For me, it seems to be another opportunity to experience panic/anxiety attacks in dream form, which is something im not in a hurry to experience again!

The impact the especially nasty ones bring are none too pleasant, as after you experience the fright or dread from the dream/nightmare, you feel it as you wake up. In your chest as tightness or perhaps rapid breathing or whatever, that’s one of the hard things about it, it leaves a footprint on you for a good few hours until you can shake it off. Again I take this as a sign that my anxiety and depression haven’t been doing so great lately.

Hopefully things will get better as the regular gym work outs start to really take effect, its been something I’ve been really enjoying as hey, what’s not to like about getting healthier and looking better?

Although when the panic/anxiety does set in you just have to take them for what they are and accept that it’s happening. For me the worst experience of the last few weeks was getting several dreams that had the central theme of missing several very good friends of mine, and when you care about someone that much, it really does cut deep when its been an abnormally long time since you last had any contact with them.

Unfortunately that is the way the world works some times, things don’t go your way and you do lose contact with some of your closest friends for a period of time. You should never be ashamed of that feeling, missing someone is never a bad thing, its part of what makes you, you. Learning how to handle it, and to channel it into something positive, that’s the jackpot, it is something that anyone can do, and you just need to believe in yourself that you can do it.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings for one night, I just had to get that off my chest. I hope you found it useful if it all at some point šŸ™‚



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12 Responses to The Power Of Dreams And Anxiety

  1. It’s just so great to get a good night’s sleep, isn’t it? I suffer from depression and anxiety and switch between hypersomnia and insomnia. It would be just great if they would cancel each other out, or at least average out over the course of a week or a few days, but it just doesn’t work like that šŸ™‚ I’m stuck with one or the other for a few weeks at a time. It’s good for me to be able to learn about the psychological causes of each: hypersomnia can mean I’m repressing an emotion or in denial about something, whereas insomnia generally means I’m consciously fretting away …
    Exercise is the best thing for sleep, right? I’ve really stepped up my levels of exercise in the past few weeks since my medications have stabilized. Gotta love working up a good honest sweat!

  2. Miss Lou says:

    Really positive that you have been keeping up the exercise Dave. It is something I have to start doing more off. Recently it has completely dropped off – despite me having moved the treadmill into the living area in front of the TV to encourage more of it.

    I am paying for a gym membership, though have not used it recently AND and often use the excuse not to run because it has been raining every day and night for about 3 weeks! Argh

    I really REALLY REALLY dislike anxiety attacks and totally relate to how you feel… The worst ones I have experienced are where I get pretty severe palpitations and seem to happen on the verge of sleep, I will wake up alarmed and in a oh my goodness I must be having a heart attack mind… I find a really warm bath helps… relaxing music and staying away from stuff in the media that makes me feel anxious or upset generally (certain movies, music and news)


    • djrutland says:

      I hear ya, especially getting attacks on the cusp of sleeping. Frustrating the longer it goes on, which then makes it harder ugh.

      Hope your ok tho


      • Miss Lou says:

        I’m good šŸ™‚

        hate the sleep cusp ones, because then it makes you feel scared to go to sleep or scared to try to go to sleep and then you end up over tired and that makes you think you are crazy and well… vicious cycle really!

      • djrutland says:

        My worst thing to happen is feeling half awake, yet unable to really move without a lot of effort. Scary stuff coupled with the heart pounding, thankfully it comes and goes but I’d love to not experience it again!

      • Miss Lou says:

        šŸ˜¦ at heart pounding! #HateThat

        I was reading another bloggers experience with that half asleep and being unable to move thing… Once I find her, I will be sure to share the link. Her descriptions sound very similar to yours!

      • djrutland says:

        Yeah it feels so odd, happens If I sleep on my side, if I can force myself onto my back then it clears up immediately, weird eh?


        Oh and to be sweet you’ve already put me at ease so I should be able to sleep soundly šŸ™‚

      • Miss Lou says:

        I get them worse if I sleep on my back!! Re Heart Palpitations and anxiety as I am falling asleep…

        When I sleep on my side with a boomerang pillow it is better!


        Sleep well!


      • djrutland says:

        Will do, thanks for the company as always you are wonderful šŸ™‚


      • djrutland says:

        Right O off to bed ugh, catch you later Lou miss ya already šŸ™‚


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