Nostalgia, It Aint What It Used To Be!

I shouldn’t feel this old after only recently turning 27….. But the nostalgia bug has been hitting me lately that I can’t help it. You know when you remember your favourite songs like they were yesterday? Or any sort of film or computer game.

You can remember excitedly playing your favourite game that to your mind is still utterly timeless, or in regards to music on cassette tapes busily rewinding one of your absolute favourite songs because there was no way to just replay a song on that particular medium. I had a particular realisation when I played one of my old favourites on my Iphone, feeling all those old warm fuzzy feelings. Then for some reason I decided to look up when the song originally came out, and y’know what the date was? 1997 17 years ago, that certainly puts some things into perspective!

And of course music isn’t what it used to be, what with the usual pop gobshite garbage that can only pass for ear rape in this day and age. I realise that I am already turning old before my time, or at least into a crankier version of my dad!

My music tastes are these days more rock and heavy metal oriented, I still appreciate the different types of music but those are my absolute favourites these days.

Another Nostalgia alarm was popping in a copy of Shenmue 2 for the original Xbox, which is on my absolute best game ever list. That was released in 2001, so that is pushing 13 years, but for me it can never be beat because of that feeling it gave me when I played it over and over and over again (this goes for the original Shenmue also) that sense of being apart of something utterly epic and having that seemingly limitless freedom to do what you want at your own pace. It was absolutely ground-breaking for its time and in my opinion still holds up pretty well today (although that could be the nostalgia, I’ll let you decide that one!)

And at the end of all this?

Im going to stop moaning and start to appreciate what’s in the here and now rather than harken back to a supposedly better past (It wasn’t!) 😀

Thanks for reading!



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