First 20 Minutes With “Space Engineers”

Space Engineers is an early release game which you can get your hands on via Steam. Its something that will occupy a ton of my time because, space! Building stuff, in space! How could you not love that?

Think mine craft in space but a lot more sophisticated, if you decide to buy it make sure you watch the tutorials as they are a must!


 Unfortunately that boxy slightly trucker looking mini ship was my first attempt, but it moved and everything! The slow crash into the red and white ship wasn’t intended, a habit I’ve picked up from Kerbal Space Program (Blowing up ships through incompetence).

But hey! First person flying view!


The imminent collision!

There is of course a large scope on what you can build, if there is something that will add to the space builders dream is that you can fit weapons and stuff to your ships or whatever you happen to build 😀

This game has masses of potential and is already really cool, Its well worth supporting!

(Although I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that it is currently in an alpha stage, which means that a lot of its features aren’t fully implemented yet. More and more stuff will get added along the way, so make sure you are comfortable with that before supporting it, I still think its well worth it!)



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