Kick-Ass 2: Introducing, The Mother F**ker Part 2/2

I talked a lot about our self-made super heroes such as Colonel Stars and Stripes and Night Bitch, but with super heroes you need super villains to play their part too.

UntitledKick-Ass’ returning arch nemesis Chris D’Amico, oh I mean Red Mist, nope not that either because in this film he takes his villainy to new heights. To recreate his supposed super villain tag he uses his dead mums s&m gear to make himself a new costume (just go with it) and now calls himself “The Mother Fucker” not entirely subtle but its amusing nonetheless! This goes along as you expect it to, at least in the beginning of the film, because he’s still essentially Red Mist, only slightly more evil and just as bumbling.

Things take a change when he runs afoul of his uncle Ralph, who is technically now the acting head of the mafia family that Chris and his parents were a part of, before papa D’Amico got blown up by a bazooka, and his mum getting fried by a broken tanning bed. Chris assumes he’s the head but it really goes to his uncle, and you’ll see why when you see it in film (although ill put a photo up, im not sure it can do it justice) the first thought in my mind was “Holy Shit! That’s Ser Jorah Mormont from Game Of Thrones” It really is him, and holy crap he carries his part off with a tremendous amount of threat and poise, although his accent was weird to hear, since that isn’t his normal accent but I think that possibly made him more threatening!

So Uncle Ralph ends up killing Chris’ Chaperone for want of a better word, but instead of scaring him away, It ends up teaching him how to be cut throat and utterly evil compared with his marshmallow brand of villainy from before.

It is this that motivates him to form his own Super Villain group to combat the Justice Forever Group and to kill Kick-Ass for what he did to his dad. He recruits a female ex-KGB agent whom he names “Mother Russia” and next up we have a psychotic short arse whom he names “The Tumour” which did make me chuckle, and next we have a triad looking sort of chap who he names “Genghis Carnage” and a black MMA fighter whom he dubs “Black Death” a bit too hung up on the races or nationalities I think, but it does get mentioned, it just gets played off as Chris being Chris, which is a passable excuse considering the character.

Kick-Ass-22-300x200The real star of the Super Villains is Mother Russia, just in terms of her bad-assedness, what makes her more awesome is that her theme tune is the mother fucking Tetris theme song, which is awesome. Nothing can stop her, she’s a walking brick wall. Think of a female Ivan Drago and times that by a million, and since we’re missing a brain-damaged Italian-American in Rocky to combat her, it looks like she’s going to be absolutely unstoppable.

or is she……?

Me going off track aside, an example of this new level of villainy, is that they go after Kick-Ass’ dad Mr Lisewski, and to cut it short the mess him up really bad and eventually hang him in a jail cell. This is an example of a scene that gets difficult to watch, granted you don’t see it in action but you see short clips of it sped up, and it’s still not easy to watch. He’s a nice guy, you don’t want things like that to happen to someone like him, so yes you can say that scene was upsetting to me, just made me want them taken down all the more.

UntitledIts stuff like that, that really grounds this film at times that stop it getting a bit wacky. You need that change of pace to keep the film feeling fresh,and of course doing something unexpected is a sure-fire way of making sure the audience keep themselves guessing as to what might happen. I never thought Kick-Ass’ dad would ever get murdered, turns out I was dead wrong (no pun intended) of course this device doesn’t always work with tv shows, you know the ones that do keep killing off characters we get to know during a series, where it does it so much you half expect it every episode *cough* 24 *cough*

Matching them up with our heroes, certainly makes for entertaining viewing. And Chris’ super villain name of “The Motherfucker” while juvenile, still made me laugh. Although at times you feel that the Justice Force is severely outmatched when you consider that they are every day people who want to be super heroes, and the villains are legit psychopaths.

In closing,

I absolutely loved this film, and I judged that initially on how it made me feel after watching it. And that was contented and dare I say it happy (because of the ending) I thought it ended well and the movie has stuck with me in vivid detail. I liken it to films such as Hot Fuzz or Shaun Of The Dead, where as yes there meant to be funny, but it’s sparing with its jokes, and it has a heart too, and why shouldn’t it? It’s not that sort of film that’ll fire jokes at you every minute, and im a fan of that, it feels more grounded, in this comic book movie……

I highly Recommend it,

Thank You For Reading 🙂



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11 Responses to Kick-Ass 2: Introducing, The Mother F**ker Part 2/2

  1. Miss Lou says:

    #No!! #Saveyoursoul!!

  2. Miss Lou says:

    lol.. okay okay.. I admit that was a knee jerk reaction to that fungus picture (that stuff sells?!)

  3. Miss Lou says:

    His mother got fried in a tanning Bed? LMAO!
    I do love Game of Thrones, though still wont check it out even if he’s in it.. lol

    ‘psychotic short arse whom he names “The Tumour” & ‘Ghenghis Carnage’?! lol…

    lol @ referencing *cough* 24 *cough* I have just started watching this program – Up to episode 10 I think (of season 1) I brought it on itunes for $19.95. Love it so far.

    I LOVE Game of thrones AND they keep doing that – killing off the characters. The death of whats-her-name and her son, (and even the father for that matter) left me reeling and staring at the screen for about 2 hours after it finished, I was having a WTFungus moment for sure!! lol – ANYWAY, NOW I expect them to kill off all the characters eventually, and it half makes me want to stop watching. I cry in Greys Anatomy episodes, almost every single one, so as you can imagine, this killing off of endeared characters could become a problem…

    ‘legit psychopaths’ – although I haven’t seen it, this sounds like a fair assessment.…

    I can confidently say I will NEVER watch this film, however, I don’t need to after reading your amusing rendition. Great Post!


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