Kick Ass 2: A Brilliant Follow Up To Kick Ass 1 Part 1/2

kick-ass-2-aaron-johnson-christopher-mintz-plasseI have just finished watching the DVD release of Kick Ass 2… And you know what? This was just what I needed to pick my mood up after the horror show of Starship troopers 2, the sequel to one of my favourite films of recent times, Kick Ass. Although where as the first film concentrated Dave’s (Kick-Ass) ascent to home-made super hero, the second film shows us how Hit Girl is adapting to life in high school, and life without her Dad who died in the previous film.

Hit Girl (Mindy Macready) seems to be having difficulty adapting to life in high school, she’s torn between the promise she made to her father, and having to conform to high school norms. The only problem when she resumes her life as Hit Girl is that she is keeping it from her parental guardian, this culminates in her getting grounded and being forced to give up her alter ego, my personal feelings at this? NNOOOOO YOU CANT DO THAT! DONT LEAVE KICK ASS!

It’s the personal conflict in Mindy that I thought was the major key in this film, we essentially get to know her a little better than before. While this is going on however, Kick Ass has become a part of a super hero crime fighting team called the “Justice Forever” Headed by a cameo from Jim Carey a.k.a Colonel Stars And Stripes who just so happens to be my favourite part of the Justice Forever, he’s hilarious… And he’s an absolute bad ass, he was formally a Mob Enforcer now turned born again Christian, who gets his dogs to bite criminals dicks off, y’know as you do.

kick-ass-2Accompanying Colonel Stars and Stripes are Battle Guy, Dr. Gravity played by Donald Faison…. Otherwise known as TURK! (you’ll know who I mean if you ever watched scrubs) and Night Bitch which sounds like her super power is being a dominatrix. As a group they do a lot of community service stuff, with the odd drug dealer massacre thrown in to the mix.

This is a fun little sideshow, but I still think that Mindy’s battle with what she wants to do and what is the life she wants to lead. This for me was wonderfully well done, even down to the moment where she seemingly gets into the popular girl clique, who have the requisite vocabulary of Totes, Adorbs and all other teenage girl bullshit It’s actually really funny in the scene, but in real life I can’t stand it, yes I’m getting old!

This all doesn’t seem like this is really Mindy, Its like she’s trying to conform because she feels like she has to, rather than be herself and that for me was one of the best bits of the story and it works so well. Of course being high school girls there is going to be pressure to like boys, so she gets a date but no! Shock horror! It was a set up by the bitch popular girls, and they ditch her in some middle of nowhere woods. So after getting a pep talk from Dave, she gets her revenge like we would all love to do to any school bully, she uses a sick stick (which makes you evacuate from your mouth and…. Anus) it’s not subtle, or pretty but it is satisfying as hell!

This however doesn’t mean that her inner conflict is resolved because she has still promised to her parental guardian that she wouldn’t be Hit Girl ever again.

Cutting short a little here as its 1 am! And also there’s a ton more to write about, but it should be a good one 😉

Thanks for reading!



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