Starship Troopers 2 Hero Of The Federation: The Conclusion….. Thank God Its Finished!

max1220214477-potlaccd-coverWe come to the last act of Starship Troopers 2: Hero Of The Federation, thank god. The inferior so-called sequel to one of my favourite films of all time Starship Troopers.

So to summarise, band of idiots hold up in abandoned outpost, then along come some supposed humans that have been living on this bug dust planet for months, we found out there actually humans taken over by bugs and then they start infecting all the other soldiers.

The so-called hero of the federation and some psychic but not psychic woman find out their nefarious plot and start to gun down and or smash the human bugs, it then ends on the hero doing a last stand against a massive horde of bugs, having refused the offer of evacuation. He’s all about duty y’know, that and he was going to be executed for killing a superior officer (even though he had good clichéd reason!).

It then ends on a recruitment office for the mobile infantry on earth, espousing war propaganda with the female fake psychic looking on (oh she’s pregnant by the way) the last act of this insipid, bland, utter waste of money, is to show one of the recruiters noticing her baby bump and saying you’d better hurry up kid, we need more meat for the grinder…..

Smooth move you twats, I know its trying to push the political agenda of feeding more war and that war is bad (duh!) and that you shouldn’t believe propaganda, as the real story is often worlds away from what you get told in the papers.

So after speeding through the final part as lets face it, you haven’t missed much from my summary because its like any sort of monster/body snatcher genre film that it seriously starts to drag on your patience and endurance! One wonders whether the serious lack of money spent on the “film” crippled the writers and they decided to abandon the iconic bug enemies to a series of flashbacks and psychic visions, not what you should be doing with a damn starship troopers film, seriously, the 3D animated film was leagues ahead of tho. At least that had the infantry fighting bugs! Even with a slight anime twist it was actually entertaining, unlike this piece of insipid shit.

The first film had style and some genuinely unnerving battle scenes, mixed in with dark humour and interesting characters. This has terrible CGI, boring characters whose dialogues consist only of generic action clichés and a story that lacks any kind of imagination that descends even lower into the bowels of film hell as you watch more and more. It abandons all pretext of a starship troopers film and tries to become a stupid, claustrophobic horror, kind of like the movie “Sphere” if my memory serves me correctly, but way worse.

It’s after watching films like these that I can get a bit gloomy, why? That is precisely the question, why was something like this green lit? Why commit the few millions they had, and not give us the movie we wanted out of a sequel to the first film. Is it pure laziness? A blatant cash grab off the name in the hope that people will buy it off the strength of the name alone?

Those are a few of my opinions of why right there! No matter what, you should treat each project that you work on, with a passion for whatever you are trying to create. Its upsetting that something like this gets shat out, when there are far more worthier things to spend that kind of money on. These blatant cash grabs only serve to weaken the film industry, and rob it of whatever dignity it had remaining. Granted this happens in the gaming industry too, but i believe that doesn’t demean the industry, it demeans the developer and or publisher of said cash grab *cough* Activision *cough*

but there you have it, this straight to DVD piece of toss, this dreary bit of garbage that should never have seen the light of day…. *Deep Breath* Ok I’m calm, this was one of the more depressing films I’ve written about. So its been that much harder to write about, something has to ignite your passion when watching a film, and i was struggling to find much to get worked up about.

So Thankfully Its over, I hope you take a bit more enjoyment out of reading my experiences with the film than i did watching it!

but thank you for reading 🙂



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