The Walking Dead Season 2 “All That Remains” A review *Spoilerrific*


Welcome back The Walking Dead From Tell Tale Games, how we have all missed you. The wonderful story, brilliant characters and a pleasing aesthetic (it looks nice!) and how we were made to wait several months between each episode. Imagine the wait for your favourite TV show every week, now make sure you wait every few months before you watch another episode that’s how it feels for the gamers of The Walking Dead.

Impatience mixed with excitement drawn out to the extreme, however I do know that’s just how episodic gaming is, It takes time to make a game, so you just have to accept the time in-between episodes as a necessity.

So after getting through the withdrawals of not having that regular quality content after season 1 had finished, along comes season 2, hurrah!

We pick up where we left season 1, having to leave Lee (Whether you chose to shoot him to stop him becoming a zombie or if you chose to just leave him) we now are in control of Clementine, the girl whose far above her actual years and is someone who I think its safe to say that most of us have got emotionally invested in her story and her life, almost like a little sister. It definitely adds that different dynamic of controlling someone you’re already invested in where as with season 1 we had to get to know Lee Everet at the start.

Something that also comes into play that you’re essentially seeing a little girl in the brutal, lonely, completely unfair world of a zombie apocalypse. It makes you very protective of Clementine, which in turn makes you feel the threat of her predicament all the more because you want to keep her safe.


Such as the beginning of the episode, where you have travelled with Omid and Christa from the previous season and you enter a bathroom to get cleaned up, with the questionable decision to let Clementine have a bathroom to herself (Personally I think it’s so Omid and Christa can fool around without getting bothered by Clementine). Almost immediately Clem gets her gun taken and has it pointed at her by a very skittish thief/scavenger. Immediately you start to tighten up, you don’t want to let anything happen to Clem, you start to relax a bit as you see Omid sneak in as presumably he heard the commotion from next door.

As he inches his way to the blindsided scavenger the door clicks shut, and reacting to that noise the skittish thief shoots in his general direction mortally wounding him. Christa his partner comes in and surveys the shocking scene of her man dying in front of her, she shoots the thief, but the damage is done, Omid is dead and she is all alone carrying his baby, It’s an incredibly emotional and unnerving scene, in which a young girl was witness to the whole thing. Something that no one should witness, no matter the age, that splitting of patterns by a random act of violence, through no fault of their own they get shattered and now Christa is on her own without her mate, it’s incredibly sad.

The soundtrack adds to the atmosphere so well, it adds that layer of tension and heights emotion perfectly at the right moments.

There is another moment I wanted to talk about, a moment that I think shows off our relationship with dogs. Clem gets separated from Christa and finds herself wandering a lonely trail with all manner of strange noises playing tricks on her mind. There comes a newer stranger noise that makes Clem freeze, she sees something and inches her way around and what does she see? Well, as I’ve spoiled it already, a dog! Called Sam, everything seems better with the company of a dog especially if you are on your own. That loyal companionship that you need to keep your mind going mad from loneliness is something that a dog is perfect for.

And along comes a twist on the moral choices that have become a hallmark to the Walking Dead game. We come across an abandoned camp and since Clem is starving we scavenge for food, and it just so happens that there is a full can of beans in the trash, unspoiled and seemingly edible.


However, with the dog looking at you presumably starving too you have the choice to either to eat it all yourself or to feed the dog first. I chose to feed the dog, then it seemed mad with hunger it attacked Clem, and in the process of defending yourself the dog impales itself on spear like things, whimpering like mad. It’s horrible to witness, as being a dog lover it was even more upsetting, and then along came a choice. Do you kill it and end its suffering, or just leave the poor thing to suffer a longer more agonising death, I chose to end his suffering, although that in itself was upsetting seeing it happen and the final agonising whines and whimpers.

The final moment I wanted to talk about was when you bump into a new group of survivors, except these seem a little less welcoming, even to someone as young as her. And with her bad dog bite they mistake her for an infected walker, so because of there fear of this new world they confine this little girl to a shed to fend for herself. So she has to patch herself up in an unsettling, hard to watch bit of DIY surgery, hydrogen peroxide on the large open wound, and using a sewing needle (with what looks like a metal wire) stitches herself up. After that debacle you finally get let in to the house the survivors are holed up in.

You cant help but hold a grudge on the group because they basically left a little girl to die, but can you understand their actions? Even if you don’t forgive them you can understand it, fear makes fools of us all and in a world of a zombie apocalypse there going to be feeling scared and on edge nigh on 24/7.

Overall, Its been an immense start to the season, tension ratcheted up to 11, emotions toyed with, and doggy death. Be prepared for a draining yet utterly absorbing and brilliant instalment of The Walking Dead from Tell Tale games!

Thank you for reading



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