Bioshock Infinite DLC’s (After A Long Long Wait!)


Finally the first few bits of DLC have been released after what has seemed a dog’s age. In actuality it was more like a year (give a take a few months), so have the first two instalments been worth the wait?

I think so, of course some people might have a problem with the costing of the content. Burial At Sea Part 1 is £11.99 and the clash in the clouds is £3.69, now the clash in the clouds is reasonably priced in my opinion, It plays a little bit like the Mad Moxxis Thunderdome DLC from Borderlands 1 (which sucked) you have 4 arenas, 15 waves of enemies each arena, plus the 60 blue ribbon challenges and a museum where you spend the money you earn on buying concept art or character models or even a video clip of Troy Bakers and Courtnee Drapers audition for the roles of Booker and Elizabeth, which is actually pretty cool because it presents them as museum pieces rather than a drab sterile list of concept art. This way you’ll at least look at it rather than before, where I suspect absolutely no one looks at It, or at least I never did.

For £3 Its well worth It, It’s a nice little distraction, or at the very least an extra helping of Bioshock If you happened to have completed the game etc. It is a fun package that gives you more of the Bioshock Infinite Combat mechanic which was really good, so surely more is better eh?

However what we have all been waiting for was the story DLC, another brilliant story to follow and experience from the creative genius that is Ken Levine.

And after a long wait we have that in Burial At Sea Part 1, which is set in the undersea city of Rapture (The setting of the first game) oddly enough still controlling Booker De Witt, To my recollection he was never in Rapture, perhaps we’ll find out during the episode? He gets visited by Elizabeth, or at least an alternate Elizabeth than the one we’re used to from Infinite. A slightly more regal, older looking and sounding Elizabeth who doesn’t share the others Naiveté.

Now, not wishing to spoil anything I’ll try to leave out as much of the story elements as I can. I really liked this DLC, it is a pleasant mix of the Bioshock Infinite mechanics with Bioshock 1’s atmosphere and pacing. Of course being back in rapture we have to take on the splicers, who don’t pose any real threat, rather more like punching bags and plasmid/vigor targets for experimentation. This is fine by me as that’s really fun, there are some new plasmids on offer aswell (well….. one) and a new weapon (which kicks ass), the new plasmid is called “Old Man Winter” where you can freeze enemies and then shatter them with gun fire. Its your run of the mill freeze ray, Its nothing special.

What is special however is the new gun included in the episode, It’s essentially a microwave gun where you cook enemies and sometimes make them explode. It never gets old, the only drawback is you get it near the end of the episode so you don’t get much time with it.

The only drawback to Burial At Sea part 1 is its length, it can be completed between 1-2 hours without going through for achievements. This might be a little short considering the price point, but I think It’s worth it (Although I have the season pass, so it might be easier for me to say that as I’ve already paid for it since last year!) but as there is clearly going to be more and If this acts like the taster then boy the main course is going to be spectacular.

They are definitely well worth a look.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait so long for episode 2 😉

Thanks for reading



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