Silent Hill 3, Finally Finished!

1324558053_itcbaf_sh3_asiapc_boxBy finally finished, I mean I have finally finished it. I have the silent hill HD collection, I completed silent hill 2 easy enough while having a lot of fun doing it, and then I moved on to silent hill 3 as that was the one I was less familiar with so I was definitely stepping into unknown territory with it.

I could never decide whether to shoot the monsters, or to persevere with melee weapons? Did I dare shoot the creatures than stomp their heads in until they died? I could never decided as the amount of times I took damage and died because the supposedly dead bastards started moving and nipping at my heels is unfathomable.

Anyway, so the reason it is finally finished on my behalf is because I had previously fucked up on a boss fight, how did I fuck up? I had used up most of my ammo and health items fighting the memory of Alessa, so after beating her I was well and truly boned for the final part of the game. After beating the game during my repeat play through I feel so embarrassed how I messed it up because come the final boss fight with god, I had amassed 200+ handgun rounds, 30+ shotgun rounds and 100+ sub machine gun rounds. All of that is more than enough to beat the final boss, unless you played during my first play through because I had barely 10 handgun rounds and one health kit…. That’s it, so that might give you an idea why I decided to go through the game again!

Going through it a 2nd time, It allowed me to really admire how beautiful the game looks, especially when you remember that it was originally a PS2 game. And don’t believe that because it’s an HD remake, that makes it look a lot better than its PS2 counterpart. If you have ever played the Zone of the enders HD compilation, you’ll know the HD part of the compilation rarely means shit these days.

So when you see such clear and crisp visuals such as the ones silent hill 3 HD produces, you know that it was one of the best looking games on PS2 and possibly still holds up today (alone with Shenmue 1 and 2 on the dreamcast in my opinion).

But of course graphics alone do not make a game scary. In silent hill 3 the sound is what made it scary in my opinion. The musical cues and the way it used sound to make you tense and on edge was un-parrelled.

So, after all my blithering about how good this game is, did I manage to play through the game unscathed? Why yes… Yes I did! Of course I had played through three-quarters of the damn thing so I sped through most of it within 2 hours. Doing that way of course was less fun than my first “blind” run, but I justified it to myself that I had already played through it before, so then I was within my rights to speed run it right up to the point I had screwed up earlier.

So what had I missed all this time after screwing up after the memory of Alessa? Exploring a few more rooms and then killing “God”….. Or what pertains to a god in this damn universe. It actuality its a skeleton thing with a meaty head, its threat level is somewhat overstated to make it seem like the thing you’re fighting poses an actual threat to the entire world, although when you see it in motion it’s not more threatening than a child running with a pair of safety scissors.

However the achievements I had unlocked after completing it had made it all worth it..

So there’s the moral of the story, If you are an achievement whore like me, you can complete anything, no matter how dull or not the game is!


Thanks for reading!



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